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Supports Dual N.O. Modulation, Increased Performance, & Increased Endurance!*

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bhall99's Rating

Average Pump, Caffeine is decent. I've had a better preworkout. I bought because it was BOGO online.

superhuman67's Rating

I had 2 samples of the Arctic Ice and I tried the first one without adding anything to the powder except 20oz of water and 1 scoop of Waxy Maize and the energy kicked in very smooth and pretty much lasted through out my workout but it felt like something was missing. The next sample I added 100 mcg of Huperzine A, 1/2 gm of agmatine, and 6 gm of citrulline malate and the effects were a lot better. Focus and pump were definitely improved. The taste of this PW is kind of like crushed sweet tarts and I recommend using at least 16-20 oz of water because it has Glycerol Mono which leaves a little residue in your shaker so you just need to add a little more water to pick it all up. Not a bad PW but you need to add a few things to make it better.

successful209's Rating

Taste was horrible , and idk if its just me but my body was not liking this product way to much caffiene. felt like i was on crack ,,even felt like i was going to throw up. only took 1 serving. but too be fair i have only tried one other preworkout and it was vortex by 1morerep and THAT was a good one. tasted great and gave me the pump and focus i needed. now im pretty used to caffiene i drink coffee every day and sometimes have a redbull at work so my tolerance is up there but 4dpump was just way too much and tasted like ****. ill stick with vortex . and no im no promoting vortex ill be trying other products i think c4 will be next maybe jack3d

Fireroy99's Rating

I've used this product for about 10 months off and on, and I absolutely love it! I do a lot of cardio workouts and that is exactly what this works best for. It has no beta-a, so no annoying tingles when you're doing high knees for an hour. It's not the best for lifting, which i do irregularly, but for a great energy boost after work to get you motivated, it does wonders. Only complaint is that both flavors are disgusting (especially arctic ice) and difficult to drink, so I just chug it, chase it, and throw a mint in my mouth afterwards. Also, it's grainy and doesn't mix well. Most important thing is effectiveness, and boy does it work!! Couldn't get through my HIIT without it!

Stepheon's Rating

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and I'm not a fan. I usually use C4 which is great but wanted to give it a break. This product is being sold buy 1 get 1 free at GNC for a reason. It gives me no pump and does not improve my work plus it's full of creatine. May be good for some first timers but I have been lifting for a while so I think I will stick with C4 or try something else.

fatboystick's Rating

I ran an entire tub of 4D Pump (Artic Ice Flavor). Overall, this PWO was very nice. I have a very high tolerance to stims and this stuff did well initially and throughout the month. I ran one scoop, but could easily have gone two. This stuff is great as far as pump as well. As far as how long it takes to kick in....for me it was about 15 minutes. Didnt mix as well as I'd like but if you let it sit for a few minutes (i just put a couple ice cubes in it, when melted, stirred up) it will mix great. The Artic Ice flavor was very nice as well.

joeyboombatts's Rating

I made the mistake of buying another pre workout to cycle off of pump 4d and big mistake. Pump 4D has a great taste and keeps me going in the gym without a crash and I get great pumps that's last for a while. So guess what I'm returning the crap I got and hitting pump 4d again until it stops working. One more thing I went through a entire container and worked every time.

dranders's Rating

I get used to pre-workouts pretty quick, and so far after a month+ this stuff still hits me hard every time I take it. The Artic Ice flavor I actually REALLY like, and the Red Lemonade is just ok.. Both don't mix great, so I drink it, add water, drink the rest, and repeat til I get all the little left-over powder bits. My tips: -Take the stuff right when you get to the gym. By the time you change in the locker room and get to your first set you'll already notice your body has swollen up. The only bad thing about this stuff is after about an hour I start to lose the "pump" and crazy energy, so I try to hit my heavy lifts first, and I def can't take it too early, otherwise I miss the "window" completely. I usually have to mix it in the car, and chug it once I park my car before walking into the gym. Overall, AWESOME supplement! Def recommend trying it out. Makes my heart race on the onset, which I like. Like I said, the only bad thing is the pump it gives you doesn't last as long as I'd like, but it gets the job done if you're able to blast your heavy sets out first.

philthebarber86's Rating

Used this after a friend recommended it. Taste was awful. Solid energy, not much pump for me. Made my heart race and felt light headed for a while. Definitely worth trying if youre looking for a solid energy boost.

AllAesthetics's Rating

Not as good as driven sports craze. However very close second!

tmac0328's Rating

I absolutely loved it! Got me pumped up and helped me to stay focused and push through my workout! I highly recommend it!

odenint's Rating

i do intensive workout program that i need a boost of energy because im feel tired after 15 mins but with this 4Dpump, beleave me is amazing, i give a scoop for my friend and he cant sleep so trust me this stuff is really good value, the flavor is very delicious with cold water so try it.

LinkKlaus's Rating

4D is a big combination of many of more powerfull ingredients, all together push me up when i workout, more strengh, more energy, more recovery, all in just a scoop, take it!!

Teel3's Rating

First, the flavor was outstanding. In the past I have had a series of ups and downs as far as flavor is concerned and this would definitely correspond to an UP moment. Now for the important part. How well does it work? I have been very pleased with the performance of 4D Pump. The product provides exactly what the name implies, a 'pump.' The product appeared to be relatively fast acting. Within 20 minutes I began to experience the caffeine rush on energy as well as the increased vasodilation resultant of NO boosters within. This 'pump' lasted the entirety of my workouts, ranging from 45-65 minutes and has yet to let me down. When I need a 'pump' I reach for my 4D PUMP!

rubberduck5's Rating

after using an entire bottle of this product I noticed a definite gain In my strength & endurance .. with this product I was able to compete more sets while being able to fight off fatigue for a longer period of time so I could perform at my very best for the entire duration of my workout

wweazzywee's Rating

First I want to say that the taste is great and was easy mixed in a glass with a spoon. I can't say the same about some other supps I have purchased in the past. This is my first pump product and man does this stuff work! While lifting I felt like my arms were huge and very vascular. This plus the Alarm Ultra I felt like I could kill my workouts and real positively effect my gains. I can't wait to get through the whole bottle and see how much I've improved during this time.

joaodimperio's Rating

joaodimperio did not leave a written review for this product.

tsw007's Rating

Got a sample of this and noticed that my workout kicked *** after taking it. Great pump and focus throughout the workout and really helped me push through the plateaus. Recommend this to friends and anyone looking for the extra boost. Loved the taste too, artic ice is a great tasting product that not many other companies make.

shaneharrison's Rating

i love this stuff great pump.great taste.i need more

PatrickNegri's Rating

By far the best pump product on the market. I didn't had pumps like this with any other product. Already went through 2 bottles. The energy you receive is great! You feel like you can't stop working-out, no matter how intense you practice. Love that is Yohimbe included. Overall a must-have pre-workout!

1-20 of 112 Reviews