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DunkenDonoughts's Rating

DunkenDonoughts did not leave a written review for this product.

LAsuBE's Rating

I usually take this with arginine and i feel great. My workouts have become better and able to increase the intensity in weight workouts. I also noticed a better focus during my sets.

sehaar7's Rating

I have already finish two bottles of tribulus n did not see any mass size but did gain lots of strength specially on my legs.

captain40's Rating

The only thing I noticed when taking Higher Power's Tribulus is that my body fat went down, but I'm not sure if I can attribute that to this product. No increase in energy or libido and no significant changes in strength. However, a few chicks told me that I was looking 'buff.' There's just no way for me to be sure how well this product worked so I'll just give it a neutral rating.

FinLaCon's Rating

I began using this in June at the suggestiong of a pro bodybuilder buddy - 1 capsule twice a day. After a little more than a month I noticed I was making better progress on my workouts. I also noticed my voice was getting lower, though it was already low. After 3 months I backed off to 1 capsule a day and about a month later my voice was back to it's normal level, but I wasn't making the progress on my workouts that I had been, so I went back to 2 capsules/day. It's a month later now and my voice is lower again, and I'm making better progress on my workouts. Not sure just what this stuff does, but it seems to work for me. I'm 73 years old and in relatively good shape! I also use a Whey Protein Supplement.

mrjohnnybravo's Rating

This tribulus is great. Take it on a empty stomach with 8 ounce of water or juice 30 minutes before working out . Gain 5 pounds of lean muscle and burning fat at the same time in just 3 weeks. Combine it with unleashed before workout and you ll see what happens.

alimir's Rating

Its the best Testosterone Enhancer That I have ever used .

levernegibbs's Rating

This stuff really boosts your sex drive and is also good to take before you work out.

Cooki_ita's Rating

Cooki_ita did not leave a written review for this product.

gdaw35's Rating

It says to take pre-workout, and I get no substantial effects to my workout. Jack3d gave me better focus energy and strength, and as a test booster i prefer arima-test

Termsap's Rating

This product seems to work. After using this product there are two things I noticed. first is increased in sex drive and second is acnes and hair growth. These two things led me to believe that this product really increase my testosterone level.

paradoxman's Rating

This is great for libido/testosterone. It's not a steroid but it's pretty good. Especially good to run with milk thistle as the effects are multiplied.

rioncks's Rating

Started taking this product about a week ago will update more if this really helps. I'm in my thirties now.

deathpoint's Rating

this product has definitely raised my testosterone levels because my training aggression is through the roof! I'm extremely edgy and pretty angry about 30 mins after I take it, which is great for a workout, but everything ****** me off. But hey, it does exactly what it says.

olympusv's Rating

olympusv did not leave a written review for this product.

515jimmy's Rating

just started this product. will update after a couple weeks

hardgainer2009's Rating

Ive only been taking this product for about 2 1/2 months now. But, I feel more aggression in the gym when I use it. I think it works but I will give a more accurate review in a few months.

Darthbuo's Rating

I have used it for the first time. It ıs better than I expected. It can be used as a support product with protein and other pre-workout supplements.

ITROKS's Rating

ITROKS did not leave a written review for this product.

hortonj's Rating

Bought this product for the price. It worked great for me.

1-20 of 32 Reviews