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jaredweisbrod's Rating

jaredweisbrod did not leave a written review for this product.

kaleb312's Rating

This gripper is nice to use and you can definitely feel the difference in grip strength after a few weeks of use.

painhz's Rating

Really helps define your forearms. However, I do think this item is rather overpriced.

mduchesneau's Rating

mduchesneau did not leave a written review for this product.

wmeyer1016's Rating

Great pre or post workout tool to tone up forearms and gain hand strength so you don't drop the heavy dumbbells.. I use them during some downtime at work so I can keep a good pump throughout the day

auzpixous6868's Rating

I am continually surprised by how much stronger my grip is. This works great when you engage all of your forearm muscles. I put thick rubber bands around my fingers and push them apart to train the other muscles.

dshayes95's Rating

dshayes95 did not leave a written review for this product.

IlgwangChoi's Rating

IlgwangChoi did not leave a written review for this product.

SereousSem's Rating

Great product - very solid build. I was sceptical at first, but it's REALLY hard. I've got some strong hands but the 350 is very hard.

pltim's Rating

pltim did not leave a written review for this product.

napsterdev780's Rating

LOVE THESE. Only have 2 COMPLAINTS...1) They squeak when squeezed (WD-40 fixes), 2) The Knurled Handles after days of HEAVY use eats away at your hands (wrapped mine in ELECTRICAL tape and problem is gone). Don't waster your money on WEAK GRIPS, get HEAVY GRIPS.

unrly's Rating

Purchased the 100lbs first, since I'm new to weightlifting in general, let alone grip strengtheners like this. Kind of a waste of money, I bet most people could easily start at 200lbs. It's ok though, nice to have some variety I guess. But these are easy to be able to sit around and use! Haven't had em for too long so I'm still trying to build grip, can't attest to usefulness (although I'm sure it'll be good).

rarens4231's Rating

I used to find my grip strength to be my limiting factor while lifting. For example, If I were doing lunges while holding dumbells at my side, my forearms and hands would give out before my legs especially towards the end of my lifting session. I bought this product and it has helped me build up my grip strength. I can actually finish sets without my grip losing strength. It has also increased size and vascularity in my forearms.

exile98's Rating

hi bro~ this is perfect gripper upgrade your arm strength~

crazy03's Rating

crazy03 did not leave a written review for this product.

youngdyno's Rating

Great product! Currently on the 150lbs seeing steady results, moving up to the 200lbs this upcoming week.

np1224's Rating

I actually started using the heavy sports heavy grips towards the beginning of May. I started at 100 and now I'm up to 250. It's really easy to move up in weight every two weeks. Right now, I'm doing some super sets starting with the 250 and going all the way down to 100. I probably buy the 300 and 350 towards the beginning of August or sooner. These are great for increasing the strength in your forearms, fingers, and hands.

luvman1981's Rating

i got the hg200 and i have to say your hands will get a good workout from using these bad boys. but i recommend buying the hg100 if your new to grip training. its well worth the money if your into getting your forearms and hands stronger. 10 out of 10

Fat Free Life's Rating

ok i got my 200 and 250 from heavygrip.com ,i got 200 and closed like 10 times and i could feel the burn and my wrist was craking lol.but i tried 250 i only got half way ,relly solid producte just love this thing,i have like 3 diff hand grips which i can go like 100 times but this is some amazing thing ,just love it my goal is to get to 350 till new years eve ...buy it buy it but get it from here its really cheap i paid 46 bucks for 2 and 16 for 2 day shipping u can get 2 for just 32 bucks plus cheap fast shipping

killermanny's Rating

killermanny did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 24 Reviews