Harbinger Anti-Microbial Speed Rope Reviews

Tough Dual Corded PVC Rope With Non-Toxic Anti-Microbial Handles!

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ammaraljubori79's Rating

Like other friends I bought this rope to make a change to my cardio options. It is an adjustable rope but its quality is not as i thought .

amnmfx79's Rating

Its made of a poor material .

crookstom's Rating

I really like the rope. I spins real smooth. The only thing I don't like is when it folds up. I think it will all straighten out over time. I would definitely recommend it.

triquester's Rating

I bought this rope to add diversity to my cardio options, and it was a great choice. The bearings spin great, and the heavy rope makes it easy to learn, and perfect, your technique. It is also adjustable to any shorter length, however, the adjustment process could have been designed a little better as it is not user friendly. The handles are relatively larger than other speed ropes on the market, but with a few sessions they become a non-issue. All in all this is a great rope at an affordable price, especially if you are just starting out.

Macrobolic's Rating

I bought this as I needed a jump rope to compliment my plyometric and cardiovascular training. I got the anti-microbial kind as I do tend to sweat a lot, especially in my hands, when I work out. So, It is a decent jump rope for a very affordable price. The only thing I found a little cumbersome is that it's a bit to big for me, but nothing that a wrap around the hand won't fix (hence the rating of 9 instead of 10). Other than that, it's durable, affordable, and not a bad investment.

1-5 of 5 Reviews