Harbinger 3" Heavy Duty Ankle Cuff Reviews

Use With Weight Cable Equipment To Strengthen Leg Muscles!

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ashleyhorner's Rating

These are key in my cable kick backs. Secure and comfortable!!

ephemeral1's Rating

This cuff is thick and sturdy. Velcro is incredible strong. Cable kick backs watch out. Don't hesitate!

TaraAlexa's Rating

Love this! It has definitely helped my glute progress a lot. The padding does wear down faster than I expected. However, for the price, that really doesn't bother me because I can just buy another one.

o0jexy's Rating

o0jexy did not leave a written review for this product.

Simarda85's Rating

i'm kinda dispointed! not of the product itself: its really HEAVY DUTTY and well built but... i'm disapointed about the description before ordering i've try to find out if it was only one or two cuffs and though because we normally have two ankles that probably it was two cuff So when i've open my package I realize maybe if it was a "second" product that was written "PACK of 2" it would help dummies like me thx

Very good product! The material is comfortable and stabil at the same time!

jefparis1973's Rating

This product is perfect for the excercises I usually do using pulleys charged with more than 50 kg. The materials are resistant and the ankle cuffs fit perfectly whether having a big complexion or a small one (my wife used them too). They also are comfortable enough to work with them without felling pain on the skin even with hard exercises. The rings are large enough to fix a buckle easily and tough. The price is also very nice.

only4fun's Rating

Don't really like this product, when you put heavy weight it hurt a lot, wish it was a better equipement, a bit disappointed.

RockDoc2010's Rating

This is great little ankle cuff! It fits nicely in my gym bag and it very sturdy. It's been great to add another tool for my leg workouts so I can have more variety. The best part is it's MY cuff. I don't have to wonder who elese has been sweating all over it. Highly recomended.

1-9 of 9 Reviews