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Supports Appetite Control, Controlled Sustained Energy, Metabolized Body Fat, and an Increased Alertness and Mental Focus*

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zycz's Rating

Is a very strong and effective product. Only complaint is that it is not for the weak stomach people. I usually can handle stuff pretty well, but this stuff just tears my stomach up. Also have had problems with belching constantly when I take it. If you can get past this part, I have had great results using it.

Duwanetaylor1's Rating

This is such a great fat burner I don't think people really understand how effective this can be. I am a professional dancer and while rehearsing for a show I took these in an effort to burn fat and achieve abs for the first time in my life! With a goodish diet, quite a lot of cardio and a whole lot of core exercises, I saw a massive difference in FOUR WEEKS! I have pictures to prove it. That was the beginning of my fitness journey when I didn't even really know what I was doing. A couple times I gained weight again, due to life etc Then lost it all in a matter of weeks with intense workout. This also works great as a pre-workout. The one side effect which got me for a couple days, is it caused a slight insomnia :-/. I don't even drink coffee so having such a highly concentrated dose of caffeine did mess with my sleep patterns a little.

GaloBeast's Rating

I have tried fat burners along my bodybuilding career. I have tried Hydroxicut, Xenadrine, GAT Superfuel and many others. This Grenade Fat burner I can say it's good, it does give you a kick in the morning when I most need it. I mainly use it instead of the 3 cups of coffee, I used to had in the morning. It does gives you a good focus and doesn't give you the annoying jitters. One good pro is that it doesn't destroy my stomach like other fat burners used to do. I only take 1 capsule per serving since there is no specific quantity of caffeine per capsule, so I guess, if I would take 2 capsules per serving it would be different. I would recommend it, however not for beginners.

gregforz's Rating

Truthfully I originally ordered this product for the gernade containers ! I do take fat burners so I can eat as I wish . I have a few that are my daily drinks etc. first thing I found with these was that they are really strong and I had to adjust when I took them One with my pre and my stacks and another a few hours later after I had my lunch .. if your new to supplements then be careful of caffeine doses ... but is defently a product that will get you results

trustneox's Rating

trustneox did not leave a written review for this product.

matthardy1's Rating

Great fat burner that promotes a great sweat both in and out of the gym. Found my body fat dropped more and quicker than previous fat loss attempts following the same diet. Great using as a present workout and first thing in a morning before breakfast. Body temperature does increase greatly on these so invest in light clothing and deodorant if sweat marks aren't your thing.

WelshSwoldier's Rating

The product itself is excellent. Service is the best there is! ordered and delivered within one day of purchase. Only criticism was that they didn't come in the grendade-looking bottle (which I was looking forward to getting) , instead it came in a regular bottle.

kaaareeem's Rating

Excellent and fantastic product

castrils's Rating

Thermo Detonator is amazing! I need the extra pick me up in the mornings and I pop one in as soon as I wake up before my breakfast. It gives me the energy I need. I love all the ingredients found in this fat burner. I started with 1 pill a day and by the 3rd week I upped it to 2 pills a day (one in the morning and one before lunch time). On the weekends, I take it as a pre-workout instead of the 2 a day.

odane23's Rating

Grenade work for me only if you eat clean most of the time give me the energy I need for a great work out :) I have lose a lot of weight with the grenade (:

TheKasey's Rating

I would say overall this is a medium intensity fat burner compare to some of the others I have taken in the past. After a few days of taking it I did begin to notice I had a bit more energy/motivation throughout my day. I don't think the caffeine content is very high in this, that being said, it is not always a bad thing. Felt my appetite go down as well. I have had fat burners in the past with a good amount of capsaicin in them and have given me heartburn, thankfully this however did not.

ankit120192's Rating

I used this product and I love it. I can actually see some great results compared to other fat burners I have taken before. The best point to start taking this these is when you are done bulking and you want to trim down (shred). Doesn't have a specific taste or smell. It kicks in well and if u take them on empty stomach and do cardio (1st thing in the morning ) you will see the results much faster.

capnmorganTFM's Rating

Best fat burner I have ever tried, does the job with out the jitters.

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apks's Rating

apks did not leave a written review for this product.

bohenrique's Rating

My favorite fat burning product! Makes me sweat crazy, focus on point, energy! Love this one

mhalliday88's Rating

Well lets start with the taste... they're capsules and if you smell them before you take them it doesn't help. They don't taste of anything but thats fine because there's no aftertaste. I would without a doubt recommend using these to burn fat. As soon as your bulk is over and youre ready for a shred, get some... BUT, be aware you need to keep hydrated... Seriously, drink lots of water. Don't take these if your body doesn't agree with green tea neither and the caffeine will make you buzz... oh and like most tablets, don't let them explode in your mouth (no no no). All in all, i recommend taking them for a cut.. and the biggest benefit i found was when doing cardio.. they'll kick in and you'll be flying. I trimmed quick.. BUT, along with all supplements, get your diet right or you can think again!

aciddncl's Rating

This was the first fat burner ive tried and overall its not bad and you can feel the caffine hit really quick which for me was great! The green tea takes effect quick and you will need to go to the toilet about 30-45mins after taking the capsules but hey thats there use isnt it? As far as cravings go for me.personally it didnt stop them as well as i had hoped. I bought a second box of them and the second time using them was no where near as effective. Overall i would still reccomend them to anyone trying to lose wieght that are not to sensitive to caffine and trial packs are available if you dont want to buy a full box

rvcastillo's Rating

I have been taking Grenade for about five months now only one in the morning and one in the evening delivers energy and controls my appetite I'm at 175# working well with proper diet and exercise program. I have tried many fat burning supps and will stand by Grenade!

Linebacker1025's Rating

So i just started to take this as i was feeling lethargic with my 430am workouts and mid day crash...I must say I have a long lasting energy with this supplement and I only take 1 in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 mid day...I get a good euphoric feeling, no jitters, no chills, some sweating, but AMPED UP! This will stay in my contest prep!

Gainzbruh's Rating

This is the first fat burner I have experience with. It has given me an odd lingering feeling of distortion. My stomach feels queezy 70% of the time and working out has never been this difficult. I avidly work out and I wanted to drop weight that much faster, but I don't think it's worth the side effects. I wouldn't reccommend this to anyone. I love grenade as I have used them for the last year, but this supplement just isn't healthy.

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