GoFit Wrist & Forearm Blaster Reviews

Works With Any Size Standard Weight Plate!

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OldRatFace's Rating

Awesome and inexpensive; but man is it hard. Plus, I am short, so I need to stand on something to take advantage of all the range and the most effort. Having one of my own (that is clean and in good order) tucked into my small gym bag means I don't have to hunt all around the gym for one that may or may not be broken, ready to break, or teeming with nastiness.

Juice2544's Rating

The softest yet easiest to grip wrist roller available! It feels much better than the homemade pvc/metal pipe which allows for a lot more weight and supersets!

robertmflores15's Rating

the handle slides off

spiderguy1983's Rating

Good build quality at a good price!

volhooker's Rating

This is a great forearm workout tool! I get a great burn from using this when I am doing my forearm workouts!! The only thing that I would change is that I would have made the plate slightly larger in diameter. It is just barely bigger than an Olympic weight's inner hole...so, the weights shift sometimes on the plate when you stack 3 25s or a couple of 25s on a 45. I would also recess the nut on the bottom into the plate that way the support plate could sit flat on the ground for more weight loading. Otherwise, it is great!!

1-5 of 5 Reviews