GoFit Power Loops - 3 Lower Body Bands Reviews

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malzieking's Rating

The red band broke with the first use. I tried to tie it into a knot in order to keep using it and that didn't work either.

LOVED these bands until they broke -Only the light one snapped (which is the one used the most) took about a year of once weekly workouts for it to happen. :-(

EmelieFlink's Rating

Great equipment for anyone who wants to incorporate the flutes more in lots of exercises

cerashain's Rating

These bands are great for targeting the glutes and hamstrings, especially if you're a beginner and/or don't have access to a gym! My only complaints would be that they occasionally bunch up (which can be solved by wearing them over cloth leggings or shorts instead of on your bare legs) and that the lightest band is a little bit too flimsy. Overall, though, these bands have been great for me!

aethorne's Rating

Love these! I use the heavy and the medium band and so far they've held up great. They're perfect for extra leg and glute work.

I love these bands! They're a great way to engage the glutes while doing squats or any other lower body exercises. Excited to add these into my fitness repertoire.

goldentwilight1's Rating

I was hoping these were bigger and more stretchy for what I intended to do with them. But they turned out to be pretty good. Not what I wanted but definitely will continue to use them. I feel this needed a review that explained they are small and thin. They roll easily.

faithandfit's Rating

I really love these! I incorporate them into my leg days and they helped activate my glutes. Def a must for that booty builders out there. I love using the heavy and medium one.

SaraSolomon's Rating

I've been using these for my clamshells, banded walks, fire hydrants, bridges and more.

rachelle411's Rating

Not only great for getting a quick workout in with minimal equipment, but also great to focus on specific areas..shoulder strenghtening movements and of course the glute/leg focused workouts. i love the constant tension you can get with using resistance bands and that's why use these AT LEAST 2-3x a week.

kristinaolson's Rating

I've been wanting some bands forever!! Stoked to have these. They're definitely great to implement in your dynamic warm-ups and other lifts. They have a place in my gym bag permanently. I also plan to bring these on the road with me. It will make it easy to get some glute work in in my hotel room.

CyberGuyJay's Rating

Awesome for leg day. It helps me to target muscles that I normally wouldn't hit doing regular workouts. A few guys laughed at me while using these so I challenged them to do the same and they failed. So they got their own and started doing the same workouts. These bands set a trend out here.

reiklingman's Rating

Excellent for plyo work. I use them on the mat, doing squats, or just walking around the gym to strengthen my legs without thinking about it. I would definitely recommend them to anyone from beginner to expert level.

kcarter1823's Rating

These bands are great, however I wish they were more stretchy to perform more resistance exercises. The booklet of stretches is a great addition to this purchase as well.

Jaureguigirl's Rating

I have used these over the past month and am amazed at how much you can actually do with them. The resistance is great and so far are holding up with all the use they are getting. These can be used at home, gym, park... anywhere. They are worth the buy!

KarenCousins's Rating

Love the bands. Didn't need the book it came with so I hope there is a way to order just the bands when I need to order them again. Without the price can be less.

JessAngel17's Rating

Awesome product!! The different strengths make using this product super easy, they're small so I can take them anywhere, and the thickness is just right so it doesnt dig into my legs! Highly recommended

1-17 of 17 Reviews