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Colby90's Rating

Girlfriend got me this as part of my birthday present. Pretty useful for those quick ab workouts at home

XxToptankxX's Rating

I really do like this product. I purchased it to get just over the mark to get some money off purchase and glad I did. I use it since a gym isn't near me for what I am willing to pay so to work on my abs, I got this nifty thing. There are better ones out there but this can break down into 4 pieces so traveling with it is super easy. Hasn't given me any problems yet but have seen some gains in my abs!

Jaxpoulton's Rating

This was a good purchase. I love how hard it works my abs and it is so light you can take it anywhere.

robbenmarcor's Rating

I leave an ab wheel in my family room and try to get a little core work done a couple times during the week while watching some TV. Having it beside the TV also reminds me of my goals and helps limit my unhealthy snacking during my TV marathons!

BiancaF1's Rating

BiancaF1 did not leave a written review for this product.

Mamu1989's Rating

Not a bad product. Gets the job done but not 100% steady so you have to be extra careful.

scottcarnley89's Rating

For the most part this is a descent product...I have experienced smoother rolling ab rollers, but this gets the job done for what I need it for.

ephemeral1's Rating

I am not a "Go Fit" fan. Have had warranty issues with faulty products in the past but took a chance here and am glad I did. This thingk assembled in seconds, literally and the foam handles are a def plus. Small enough to transport with me since my gym fails to recognize the importance of this handy dandy apparatus.

nicalevtina's Rating

nicalevtina did not leave a written review for this product.

therston's Rating

therston did not leave a written review for this product.

Haayyeess's Rating

I wasn't really looking for an ab roller when I purchased this product, but I threw it into my cart because it was so cheap, and I thought, "Why not.". First off, price is a winner, at around $10 dollars Canadian, I couldn't complain, because its small, storable, and it simply works. The grips are fairly comfortable, and definitely reasonable for the price. Overall, 9/10, i'd give it a ten out of ten, but its not that great looking. For the price, you can't go wrong!

LoneRanger78's Rating

This is a great tool for working the abs. Well worth the money.

pcshira's Rating

Great product, decided to get it because of the awesome price and am very happy with it. Sweet piece of equipment to have in my gym bag.

Roundtree9's Rating

Simple machine that really works the core! Seems to be well built and inexpensive to purchase.

jddallman's Rating

Tried this at my previous gym and had to get one. Once you work it into you're routine it's easy to see results. Price is right on point as well.

laneanders's Rating

Good machine, very simple, very effective.

shinka's Rating

Very basic item..simple but so effective. Nothing will make your abs sore like this as quickly... You do 15-20 reps and you will feel it so bad. Starting on your knees..rolling forward all the way with your arms straight and using your abs to come back.... You can also work oblique by going in diagonal. After...you go killer mode and do it standing up.. Very low price item that works!

stanwi4's Rating

The go fit dual exercise ab wheel has been a great attribute to my daily routine I use every other day at the least it is the main part of and ab work I do. It's sturdy, smooth, and the grips are extremely comfortable. It is an item that I now cannot live without!

BrothersInIron's Rating

BrothersInIron did not leave a written review for this product.

1-19 of 19 Reviews