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The Perfect Protein To Take Between Meals & Pre- & Post-Workout!

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vlada011 did not leave a written review for this product.

All I can say is this....Thank you, Gaspary. I'm doing very well with your products especially MyoFusion Probiotic Series. I recovered well after every intense training sessions with it....awesome and thank you again.

pittpenguin89's Rating

GARBARGE. Tasted horrible. And it's spiked with taurine and glutamine. RIP OFF

PrinceOftheCty's Rating

Bought the 10lb bag because it was relatively cheap. Delicious Vanilla is far from Delicious. Threw the bag away with about 3lbs left and bought 8lbs of Nitro Tech instead. I know it's all about the protein and taste shouldn't matter but this stuff is garbajo.

elRIKO did not leave a written review for this product.

I LOVE this protein powder. I have a sensitive stomach, and this was gentle on it. Very tasty as well, I had the cinnamon flavor. Great mix * great benefits! Excited for this to be restocked, because I'll be stocking up.

I love this flavor. Really great and it works!!

Def not on the same level as their myofusion original (hydro protein), which was my favorite of all time.

I have officially found my protein powder. I use almond milk and with two scoops and the taste and consistency of this protein is ridiculous. I used to crave ice cream in the evenings after dinner now I just milk chocolate protein shake. To switch things up I like to add two table spoons of natty peanut butter, blueberries, and vanilla Greek yogurt for a liquid pbj sandwich. The best part about this protein is the addition of probiotics, which does not leave feeling uncomfortable and looking bloated like other protein powders. A must have in your supplement arsenal!

Good buy, milk chocolate tastes pretty good and mixes well. Banana perfection will probably be my next try.

Bought this three times as far as I can remember. On the first time I dont even aware what it is. Soon i found out it is a protein blend. Never notice great result with these, although the flavour is quite decent. IMO it is better served as meal replacement rather than pre-WO or post-WO. Mixability 6/10, sometimes there are still lumps after shakng it vigorously with water for long time.

This is a great all around protein for me, it mixes very well, tastes good, and its probiotic formula keeps my stomach happy.

entropicsaint's Rating

I used this product with moderate results, but not really any better or worse than other proteins I have tried. Not sure why Gaspari had to change the original formula, use a new profile that has what many consider to be inferior proteins, and try to market it as better. I do not like chocolate, so my taste options are limited. Original Myofusion strawberry type remains the best protein I've ever tasted. This Probiotic taste does not compare in the slightest, though it is still decent. Overall, performance was as expected. I personally did not have any adverse side effects from the probiotics, though I prefer to get those from other sources.

gymloverandrea's Rating

Product test good but I had to returned it, it did not agreed with my stomach, extremely gassy for me

the flavour is awesome.........i gained 10lbs........worked for me ...........

ramseyrowland's Rating

This protein is excellent. It is the first protein powder that doesn't give me gas or bloating. I have a pretty weak stomach and have been involved with supplements since the late 1970s. It is just great to find a quality product as this that I can take every day. Thanks Gaspari Nutrition!

I had been using Optimum Nutrition before and these are very different! I was surprised most by the shakes thickness-I need at least 10-12 ounces of water for it to mix well. The consistency is great for making frozen shakes and the taste is good too. It also is easy on my stomach (some other formulas will upset my stomach).

runningonfumes's Rating

Get it if you like great tasting smooth protein. I have been using MyoFusion products as my go to choice for Whey to get additional protein in my diet to meet my macros. I got a sample in a goodie bag from a marathon I ran and was hooked. I would usually gag on other whey products (EAS) but these taste great with milk or water. It even blends completely in my shaker cup when I am in a hurry and do not have access to a blender. Their products have probiotics and high quality protein reducing protein ***** which I found happen with other low quality wheys (my wife and kids are very thankful for it). They also blend great in my oatmeal or yogurt and make a bland meal into a protein packed dessert.The banana, cinnamon and strawberry flavors are my go to choices. The chocolate is average tasting.

I tried this product when it first came out since they discontinued the original myofusion, and this one was awful. The taste, eh okay, but it would clump in your cup and worse it gave me bad gas. Nothing like the original, bring back original myofusion, that banana perfection was fire!

Neteru did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 420 Reviews