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Pure Whey Protein Isolate Formula With Competition Strength Nutrition!

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AraKafafian's Rating

Great product, great taste and great price, what more would you want from this MRP?

leanne_love's Rating

I love Gaspari! Usually I buy Myofusion, but decided to try something different. This product tastes like a million bucks! It mixes well and doesn't have that chalky or artificially sweetened aftertaste. I'd definitely recommend this over nearly any product that I've tried - and I've tried many! I only wish that I could drink this pre-contest!

AmandaMehi's Rating

I drink these 2xs a day for my Protein intake when I can't have my chicken, pork, etc.

outdoorguy75's Rating

This IS my favorite protien powder. Fantastic flavor, consistency, no mess-no clump, even mixed with a scoop of waxy maize starch still smooth and delicious! In my wish-list ready for a reorder when the 5lb'er gets low!

billgraf's Rating

The product is still good but i just recieved an new order of vinilla and double chocolate. The vinilla was a different shade than my old product and also was more course. When mixing it had little lumps of product. Tast was ok but was woundering if your quality controll is a little out of wack.

kkilbreath's Rating

kkilbreath did not leave a written review for this product.

4rchduk3's Rating

Tastes Wonderful, mixes fairly well. Excellent by itself.

aaron7405's Rating

So far great teast even with just water, thick as milkshake. I took it rigth after a spinning and calfs secion and I really feel the recover after 5 minutes GREAT!!! product. Its a bit soon to say about the results but at 24-25g of protein per serving is prety much as good as other products so it should work well enough, Plus quallity on Gaspari products its a big plus for me when is time to decide for a supplement. Will buy it again for shure. aaron

PureAtheart's Rating

Great whey proten. Texture and taste is one of the best.

smpeterson's Rating

Love this protein powder. It tastes really good and mixes well.

Iceman1800's Rating

Gaspari found their flavor again. Excellent taste, mixes great

Mariohb1008's Rating

Mariohb1008 did not leave a written review for this product.

bolt21dbest's Rating

bolt21dbest did not leave a written review for this product.

angelak88's Rating

angelak88 did not leave a written review for this product.

dr_gregui85's Rating

This is the best whey powder I've ever tried before. The Double Chocolate flavor mixed with only water has an amazing taste that looks like a milk shake. I usually take it right after workout and it keeps me satisfied for a couple of hours. I highly recommend it if you're tired of those supps with lots of ingredients but taste like dirty water.

natanael24's Rating

Excellent taste! Great results! For sure I'll try it again...

indelebilis's Rating

Intrapro tastes fantastic. There is no weird after taste, no weird texture. Mixes well with water and gives no bloat after drinking. I look forward to taking this product after workouts every time.

K7SOLI7's Rating

Best tasting and the best full spectrum out the in the market! I think I found the perfect protein!

Bakerju89's Rating

Bakerju89 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 149 Reviews