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Our First Thermogenic With Dendrobium Extract!

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rajsingh911's Rating

Original detonate 10/10. This is for detonate xt. Decided to try since my original detonate was done. Now xt is totally different. The happiness feeling is not there. .. the amped up feeling is not there. It should not have been detonate xt because its not like the original. Now it does make you sweat but most fatburners do. It does not stand out like before. I eventually took for 2 weeks stopped cause it didnt make my mood or concentration any better. I didn't notice any weight reductions like I did with original. I woukdnt buy again. Sorry gaspari....this one is pretty bad. Even branch warren cant promote this one.

HonestReview's Rating

The original Detonate worked. It has appetite surpression, energy, focus, and a good sense of well being. It was one of very few supplements that actually do what the label claimed. It's unfortunate we can't find any more for sale, because I only have 2 capsules left. It worked just good enough to be on target and no one's teeth rotted out, no one got prematurely old, and no one suffured psychosis from it. Even though ETH may have some relation to meth, it wasn't dangerous. I

PhatSlim84123's Rating

Detonate XT I have been a big fan of the original Detonate from Gaspari. I cycled it off an on for the last year and a half. I recently ran out of my last bit of the original and purchased the Detonate XT version that just came out. Energy: The energy component is good. I get energized and it seems to keep me going for about 5 hours. It's not the same type of energy that I was getting from the original stuff. This kind isn't as pleasant. ThermoGenics - This stuff will make you hot and sweat. I took this and about 15-20 minutes later, I was sweating all over. My arms, my face and my legs were sweating. Euphoria: In the original Detonate, I would get a nice euphoric feeling when taking it. This time around, not so much. It doesn't provide that feel good feeling when taking it. Not sure if that was the dendrobium or what, but whatever it was, it's gone... Appetite: This does curb my appetite like the original did. I can still eat on it if I want to, but it does curb your appetite. Overall they definitely changed it up on this product. I can still use it for working out. I definitely liked the first formula better. It's not the same and I am heart broken by that... I am not as anxious to keep purchasing it as I was the original. We'll see if it grows on me, but at this point, I am not sold... It seems to provide alot more energy per pill than the original. If you are a Detonate junkie, even for you, taking 2 pills at once can give you more energy than you may want. I was taking it religiously and ran out a couple of days before I tried the new formula and it got me super hyped up. Too much energy for even me... I'd be curious to hear other reviews of this from other Detonate lovers...

Kate91x's Rating

This is the first fat burner I have ever tried before so i didn't really know what to expect. I am on my third day of taking them now and feel alright, the first day i took one i felt high as a kite very strange feeling if your not used to them. I have felt a good energy boost from them and appetite suppression also which is good. Only thing is I did a search for detonate on twitter earlier today and found some concerning information which I didn't feel to good about, it wont let me post the link but it started off with this "The U.S. researchers also said they found the same methamphetamine-like chemical in another supplement, Detonate, which is sold as an all-natural weight loss pill by another company: Gaspari Nutrition" Not sure wether to carry on taking them or not now :/ ?

alreadysaved's Rating

WOW! Talk about a boost in a bottle! haha I still drink my coffee in the morning, and then I'll take one of these about 20-30 before my workout in the afternoon. This stuff will definitely get you goin!! My favorite fat burner/energy booster ever! The only negative I think, is that sometimes it makes me not want to eat. Sometimes it gives me that "all food sounds horrible" kind of feeling. Which may be good for some, but not me. If you don't take a break from it from time to time, it will lose some of its effectiveness. Usually just a day or two without it and you'll be good to go again. TRY IT!

cushla4's Rating

Great product, gives you lots of energy and motivating mind set for the day! Does supress appetite but not majorly!

pump007's Rating

great product gave me the ability to work out longer and feel great after!!

KxG's Rating

I love this product. Detonate work for me, less sugar craving, less App�tite and a lot of energy for the gym and my day. The only thing is that it make me more stressed.

aaronmacneil's Rating

No crash , great all do feeling of energized and pumped.

nataluka's Rating

Actually reduces appetite and a great workout intensity, which is present even then, the feeling efforii ...)))Loved it!

Kon_Rock's Rating

Excellent energy and focus! Definitely recommend!

jamesmayne's Rating

Absolutely love it. kick starts my day. i take it upon waking and within 15 minutes i'm feeling great ready to attack the day, and it doesn't suppress my appetite which is a huge plus. i can still get in all my meals without force feeding myself like i have found while taking other fat burners

surfgirlie's Rating

Cannot say enough great things about this product!! I have tried every fat burner and reluctantly bought this for yet another attempt at weight loss and fat loss. Let me say that honestly... I lost 3 lbs the first two days!! The appetite suppression is like nothing I've ever tried. It allowed me to stay on diet without even thinking about a cheat meal!! Absolutely loving it!!! So happy I finally found a fat loss product that works!!!!! There's so much crap out there and detonate is beyond legit. The energy and focus are amazing as well, allowing me to push my workouts to the next level. One of the most impressive supplements I've tried since ephedra.

bryanftw's Rating

Great Great Great. Not a lot of BS. Just works. I am cycling this and Xenadrine XT from MT to stay super hyper. Not for light weights. But also not for fat ppl who eat like a pound of food before taking this with 6 hours of sleep.

stingerbaum's Rating

This is the type of review that companies would want for their products. Detonate is absolutely amazing. For a while I was so tired in the afternoon where I would need to take a nap and then I would wake up and have such a low blood sugar that I wanted to eat everything in site. I started Detonate 2 weeks ago and have already lost 4lbs and as far as energy! Its amazing! I do not need to take a nap in the afternoons anymore and I go straight from 7 am - 10pm with strong energy sometimes I need to remind myself to sit down. I will take it for 2 more weeks followed by a 4 week reprieve but I will go back to it again then I love this product! IF your looking for all day energy this is it!

ukabhi89's Rating

Ultimate Supplement for people who wanna lose weight. This helped me shed 19lbs in a month and the focus was awesome. I did not take any other supps like CLA or L carnitine while i tuk this. ONLY PRODUCT TO BE TRUE TO ITS CLAIMS

mgering1's Rating

I'm not to into fat burners since I usually don't know how much of a benefit it is over good diet and workout. Though sometimes ill take them for the energy. This product definitely had great energy and I only used 1 of the 2 pills. I had great energy through the workout and after as well. It has a few simple but effective ingredients and not a whole list of 1000 things that no one knows what it is.

FeFit4Life's Rating

Only reason im giving this a 9 instead of 10 is because from what I could feel its worth a 9. Had 3 sample packets to take and it was enough for me to feel that suppression in appetite. never felt that before from any fat burner. got decent energy from it as well. will be picking up a bottle of this next year when i start cutting again. very easy to take. small capsule.

sep1995's Rating

I followed the recommended dosage and took 1 capsule before breakfast for the first few days then upped it to 2 capsules before breakfast for about a week, and every time I would just feel euphoric and happy for about 1.5 hours and then crash and feel depressed and unmotivated for the rest of the day. Not to mention while on it my libido went to absolute ****, however the appetite suppression is very good. After stopping the product for a few days I feel normal again, didn't work for me.

browguy808's Rating

Here is my honest review of the product. I took 2 caps a day which was split up with 1 cap before breakfast and 1 cap in the early afternoon. Energy(9/10)- Detonate was pretty potent compared to most of the thermogenics I have tried in the past. The energy provided wasn’t over bearing over jittery, but Detonate provided more of a calm energy without feeling extremely wired. I am definitely a stim junkie and I responded to Detonate really well. It is definitely in my top 5 for thermogenic products. Another thing that really stood out was that I was constantly sweating on this product. I work in a hot environment, but this stuff took it to the next level! I increased my water intake to 200oz and even more on some days just to stay hydrated. Detonate also kicked in really fast for me, say about 10 mins in I could feel the heat increase start. It lasted for a good amount of time and like I stated earlier, it was a constant sweat fest! Ive been using this product for about a week now, so not much to report of fat loss or anything of that nature. In conclusion, great product. I highly recommend this product if you are looking to sweat some weight out and to help you get that extra boost throughout the day.

1-20 of 96 Reviews