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The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Multivitamin!*

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Dmarr123's Rating

This product is getting really good reviews. Wonder why it works so good? Testing by USADA shows the presence of 1-Androstenedione, an anabolic steroid.

scottgregory's Rating

Excellent multi vitamin.

tork04's Rating

A good vitamin with everything I want. I like that there is beta alanine in the vitamin as it is better to take smaller doses more frequently throughout the day to reap the benefits.

chachistyle's Rating

For those who refuse to take a multi-vitamin for whatever reason (pills are too big, cannot stick to routines, etc.) this powder form multi-v is amazing tasting & extremely efficient. Mix it with your pre-workout or consume it as a morning beverage (instead of that O.J.) ;-)

iilovepiink's Rating

This is a great alternative to a multi-vitamin. Gave me lots of energy and I felt good when taking it.

PhilippeLavoie's Rating

+Best dosage of each ingredient (if 3 pills twice daily) +Best form of minerals (Albion certified, Amino Acid Chelates) +Low price (25$ for a month) +Beta-Alanine Carnosyn (3200mg) +L-Carnitine Carnipure (2000mg)

dokuganryuu83's Rating

dokuganryuu83 did not leave a written review for this product.

JxDA's Rating

These things are pretty strong and pretty big. 1 serving has a full gram of beta alanine and which also makes it good as a preworkout. Overall, I felt pretty good while taking these and would definitely buy again.

munseym's Rating

Not a huge fan of this stuff, ill try the pill form next time. No matter how much food I ate before taking this it messed with my stomach big time. The orange flavor is ok and the vitamin profile seems legit, but the stomach issues will keep me from buying the powder form again.

amz916's Rating

Felt great energy after a few weeks of use. Solid product

jason383's Rating

Good blend for a multi vitamin but personally, I find it much easier to swallow pills that are in a casing. After months and months or taking something everyday, I got sick of the vitamin taste in my mouth and in the long run, I prefer something like Muscle Pharm's Armour V which has a casing.

Envian's Rating

Picked this up from a local store, in replacement of my previous multi-vitamin. Great multi-vitamin profie, the chelation is a great plus for better absorption. Biggest con is as per the label, having to force down 6 "horse pills" every day and seeing neon yellow urine from vitamin-B overload. Odd they weren't able to formulate this product into 1,2, or maybe 3 vitamins a day. I take 2 of these a day, with meals to supplement my regular food, therefore lasting 90 days. I supplement additional vitamin D to make up for the loss by only taking 2. I would buy this product again if the quantity and size of pills was reduced.

noveck's Rating

A multi is a multi is a multi. Mostly. This one has a pretty good spectrum and the only downside is that when taken on an empty stomach, like during an intermittent fast, can result in very slight nausea. The product did mention that it should be taken with food, so I may simply shift the time taken to after meals.

ramseyrowland's Rating

I believe this to be an above average multi vitamin. Gaspari Nutrition is becoming one of my favorite brands. Everything I have tried from them seems to be top quality. I like the fact that the minerals are chelated. I first received a free sample but then ordered more. These have been added to my must have supplements. I only take two a day which seems to be enough for me.

RocaJake's Rating

So far i do like this product, i constantly switch between,orange triad & Animal Pak, I take one when i wake up in the morning, one with my lunch, and one just before dinner... It's a solid multi.

RobDiGi's Rating

Great product! The s****ested serving size is 3 pills, however I only take 2 pills per day (1 at breakfast & 1 at lunch). I don't really need all of the extra nutrients. Your urine might be a little discolored but I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to minimize this. Also, the capsule size is huge yet it goes down smoothly due to its shape. I highly recommend this product.

trishafle's Rating

spending more is saving me huuuuge from buying and taking so mnay other supps and micronutrients....Love this product, nuff said! jsut get it!

Dancepersistent's Rating

My FAVORITE multivitamin to take. I've been taking it for over 3yrs now & can always tell a difference in my energy when I take it & if I don't take it.

misfit28's Rating

I think that this multivitamin is one of the best out there, if not the best. It not only has the most bio available forms of vitamins in good amounts, but it also has TRAACS chelated minerals (including a 100% dose of Magnesium). It also has a full dose of Beta Alanine and LCLT. Excellent recovery and overall great product. I highly recommend it!

1-20 of 253 Reviews