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Raw Food-Created Nutrients For Targeted Cellular Delivery & Utilization!*

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Ahmedenver's Rating

I have ordered this productut for the first 3 months ago. It tastes great with no bitter taster afterward and I can't really tell if multivitamin works or not as it was my first time to try a multivitamin. But i can assure you that i don't feel anything wrong with my joint after a heavy workout that I do 5-6 times a week. However, recently I reordered this product and unfortunately now it tastes terrible like really something wrong with it. Maybe the new generation of the products tastes terrible because I also realized that the lid has completely changed now.

burgoyne11's Rating

I like the fact that this is a food based vitamin. It does not upset my stomach. I have more energy and seem to have less bouts with the common cold.

outrun86's Rating

I think sometimes it's a little hard to say if a vitamin supplement works or not, but I can say for sure that I'm less tired than I was before, that's a fact. This pills are easy to digest, and I don't have the classic ultra-yellow pee, so I think my body gets all the good stuff, maybe because these are raw food vitamins, i.e. are obtained directly from food instead from a lab. I like Vitamin code Man much more than Now Food's Adam, which used before. So I think I'll stick with Garden of Life or maybe keep trying raw food vitamins.

Josiahb55's Rating

This is a great Multi-vitamin, it's raw and unprocessed. Very highly recommend!

alexbzanee's Rating

this prodct has a good micronutrient profile but the Vcap taste terrible they have a very bitter aftertaste I couldnt bare it and desided to stop taking it try animal pak instead

bushyman's Rating

I have tried many multies over time. This for me is by far the best. Why? Not only do I get a sense of good well-being, but the stuff in there is natural! Most of the vitamin supplements out there are synthetic based, some of which are not even absorbed well by our bodies! Moreover, this stuff has probiotics in it. So it aides with digestion. Although Vitamin Code is a bit more costly, I will take that cost as an investment in my long term well-being. So if you want a good multi without articifical stuff in it, which can be incidentally taken without food, then try Vitamin Code.

ejism's Rating

I give this product a four because of the side effects. I get terrible gas within a couple of hours after taking this vitamin. Also, the vitamins have a terrible smell when you open the bottle. These things may be normal with a natural vitamin, but it's enough to stop me from continuing use of this product. I won't be using Garden of Life products in the future.

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bled's Rating

I think I finally found the perfect vitamin for me. Tried several new vitamins as I wanted to switch from the GNC vitamins I was using. This one had been the best as I have zero side effects(no neon pee, stomach ache etc.) I love the fact that it is a raw food vitamin and the profile is meets my needs. A bonus is that they can be taken without food if needed due to the raw food make up. I usually do take with food though anyway. Only down side is that you have to take twice a day, but a lot of other vitamins are like that as well.

velphick's Rating

Best product I've used bar none, unlike a lot of other multi's I've used (like Irwin's Greens etc) they do not have SYNTHETIC stuff in them that is TOXIC for your body and is just in there to look pretty and fill up the list / label on the bottle, this has QUALITY vitamins and minerals your body actually uses. I didn't buy it from as they are more expensive and don't price match for international customers otherwise I would have no doubt bought from here, awesome product though.

Charuto222's Rating

Solid multi. Good profile. However, I'm not sure if it's worth the price. Yeah it's a raw food vitamin but whether or not that actually makes this better than synthetic vitamins is inconclusive, many would argue that your body simply cannot tell the difference. I also don't put much stock in the proprietary blends in this product, as most of the ingredients in said prop blends are present in amounts far too trivial to make a significant difference. Of course, this is the case with most, if not all prop blends so you can't single out Garden of Life as being at fault here, just understand that you don't know for certain if you are really getting what you paid for when products like Opti-men work well and run $10-$12 per month.

Pkolo815's Rating

Hands down the most potent, effective, organic, RAW multivitamin on the market. You take four caps a day, I dont care if I had to take eight caps, this multivitamin will help you get to any goal that your trying to accomplish, (with a right diet and exercise program also) and you can feel it helping. Expensive, but for what your getting it is worth every penny. High Recommend.

timothyhicks83's Rating

This is one of the best if not the best vitamins I have ever taken. This was recommended to me by a friend of mine that I lift with. I played college football and was involved with a lot of different fitness programs. I was skeptical at first with the whole RAW vitamin thing, but after taken this vitamin for over 3 months now, I can really tell a difference. I have more energy, my recovery time is a lot shorter between workouts, and I have not gotten sick once during this winter. If you are looking for the real deal this is it.

sweetjb's Rating

I have used this product for several months now. I chose this supplement due to it being one of the few multi's out there that does NOT use green tea. I try to avoid any stimulants (even in the smallest of doses). I have been satisified with this product and find it to be of good quality in comparison to other "non synthetic" vitamins. I would definately recommend!

bondsagent1's Rating

One of the best multi's out there, one that you can definitely feel working. I'll take this over orange triad or animal pak any day of the week.

LiveHealthyfromNowOn's Rating

Very Good Vegetarian Multivitamin i like that it is in Capsules easily digested. One draw back High price.

mk.ultra's Rating

This is one of, if not THE best multi vitamins I have ever taken. You can feel the difference it makes.

mightybaez's Rating

Great product that is 100% natural and falls nicely into an empty stomach!

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