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Clinically Superior Pre-Training Formula In A Convenient Stick Pack!*

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bamprod26's Rating

I had a friend send me some in the mail. Great product gave me a great pump and great focus. I didn't get distracted at all. What I like about the product is that it wasn't super powerful where it had me jittery or anything like that it was smooth sailing all day in the gym. Truly a great product and the taste was great.

brazilianbadboy's Rating

Did I like PTF? Yes. Did I love PTF? No. Personally I like G Fuel better than PTF. For starters I didn't like the flavor. I hate Fruit Punch but compared to G Fuel the flavor didn't come close to it! Energy was ok, nothing out of ordinary. Again I liked G Fuel more. No crashes. Mixed great, never left any residues, floaters or had any foam.

manstr's Rating

I took PTF for 20 days, and loved it. I dosed it with G Fuel pre workout, and felt amazing in the gym. If you need some serious boost in the gym, this is your product. I felt like I got kicked in the *** by motivation 5-10 minutes after PTF was consumed, and I wanted to go smash weights. I was honestly depressed when I had to leave the gym. My strength didn't go up much while on this, but I did lean out a bit. After 20 days I hadn't changed my scale, but visibly my body was more defined. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for a little extra mental clarity, focus, and intensity in the gym.

wishiwasdivin's Rating

Hello everyone!! I took this product 30 min before going to the gym. It was around 7:45am just before walking out the door for the gym. I never really felt when it kicked in. Like you do with some PRE's like tingling in the hands/face or even a warming feeling you get in your face. I feel if I would've had 2 servings of this I think the out-come would've been better. Taste: 8/10 The flavor was Tropical Punch and it tastes quite well. There wasn't any bitterness nor was it to sweet. Mixability: 9/10 I didn't really have any mixability issues everything seemed to mix quite easily. As for me I usually use a spoon then let it sit for the next few minutes to see what if any settling occurs. I saw none so I was very excited to not see any which is weird because usually it's the creatine that drops down to the bottom. But not here so Gamma labs was on point with this part. Energy: 5/10 As for me I like that crazy insane energy and for me this product lacked that energy during workout. Although the energy was clean and never jittery so thats a plus. I will admit that sometimes I do prefer a little bit more stims. So with that being said for those of you who like super-stim pre-workouts this is not for you. Focus: 6/10 There were a couple of times when I was feeling very sluggish before going to my next set. Then the focus would kick in but it just didn't seem to last through my entire workout. It got me through the majority of lifts. PUMP: NA/10 As for me I didn't really experience a very good pump with this product. Maybe it's because I needed more than the 1 serving I had. So I don't think I can honestly don't rate this very clearly in terms of pump and feel good about my review. As I stated I only had a sample packet.

LIFTthyPAIN's Rating

Great product for people on the go and works in the gym! Quality energy and pumps!

tha shredda's Rating

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Wany76's Rating

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1-7 of 7 Reviews