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24 Grams Of Sustained Amino Acid Release Protein Blend!*

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jlseswtg's Rating

I have tried a few different wheys and i have to say this has the poorest taste of them all. I always get strawberry flavors and i definitely have to choke this one down. It does have a ton of the goodies in it, but for now i will stick with my Fitness Labs whey protein.

edunilson's Rating

Among the different powders I've tried lately, this is one of the best I've found until now, for a decent price and nice flavour. I have already gained over 10 pounds of muscle in a couple of months, along with some fat loss as well. I usually use the mix to complete protein intake in breakfast, as a mid-morning snack and before and after workout (with dextrose). I reccomend it.

Dgwear's Rating

taste like garbage but it has all the right products i was looking for great recovery not good if your looking for taste

holyinstantrice's Rating

Even as a complete protein, it's got a ton of stuff you wouldn't find in most other products marketed to the same niche. The 5g of dietary fiber, protease and lactase blend, CLA and Omega 3s (first protein product I've seen with these inside) add in for a decently unique blend. The protein itself is a mix of both WPC and WPI, along with some amount of casein, egg isolate, and milk concentrate. Downfalls include the high calorie count at 190--although this is certainly attributable to the non-protein additions--with 60 calories coming from fat (however, only 1g of saturated fat out of the 7g total). It didn't mix very well with a shaker bottle either, leaving miniature clods at the bottom for me to chew through. Relative to Gaspari's Myofusion, the taste itself is average at best, the chocolate tasting at first like hot cocoa mix at first, but quickly turning into something obviously synthetic. As a complete protein I'd recommend it if you can stand the calories and taste.

debroo72's Rating

ive been using american whey but hearing about the the unsanitary conditions of the plant and what they found in there products just made me sick! so diffently need to change protein powder came across this one tried it all i have to say is wow the vanilla is awesome, :)

1-5 of 5 Reviews