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gfulmer's Rating

Love this product. Gives me an extra little boost during my workout and the flavor is great!

Sweetpeach79's Rating

I have enjoyed this product thus far. I have used Cellucor C4 for a while now so this was a nice change. I typically don't go for the Strawberry Kiwi type flavors but this one was actually good. This helped with my focus in the gym and gave me a lot of energy. I also noticed a decent pump from this!

karinabe16's Rating

Had a good workout with body rush, great cardio, had s good pump and my strength was there. Really hot skin lots of sweat, decent recovery. Tasted like a sweet tart and a baby bottle pop.

redweston's Rating

Not impressed, was sent a free sample. I get up @ 4 am to workout. I use jacked and Hemo rage alternated daily. Have been using them for some time and still get a good push each morning to get my workout going. This product did nothing for me at all !

beautifulgrace's Rating

I love this stuff! Seriously I've been using it as per Lisa Powers (MIssTeacher) s****estion and I am so glad I found it! Not to replace my amino energy but a good addition to mix things up. Low carb/low sugar - perfect amount of energy and amazing taste!

cory2731's Rating

im fairly stim tolerant and while one scoop of Body Rush provided a decent amount of energy and focus...1.5 scoops was the sweet spot for me! at this dosage BR truly shined...i got the cherry limeade flavor and it was very good. mixability could have been better but was not an issue. at 1.5 scoops the energy, focus and pumps were all quite noticeable and longlasting and there was no crash or letdown. while i enjoyed BR and thought it was very effective the price leaves a bit to be desired. at 47.00 for 30 servings (20 effective servings for me) its a bit out of my budget.

brazilianbadboy's Rating

I was lucky enough to win this tub. I have only taken it 3 times because I became tolerant to the old one but I cannot wait to get back at it! Before I took my very first sip I was anxious and nervous because I love strawberry and kiwi so I was hoping that this would be a big hit and not a big miss. Took the first sip and loved the taste! Wasn't too strong or sweet. Had a really good workout, nice energy not a lot of it like others pre workouts but just enough to get me lifting heavy and break a few PRs. Oh I did not crash after! So that's a big plus!

RandyLRice's Rating

RandyLRice did not leave a written review for this product.

jeremyjannen's Rating

First time using a Preworkout, Almost done with the bottle, I'm buying more after.

Trey03's Rating

This was my first pw ever i actually took this when it first came out through as a sample then bought the full jug, my first impressions of this was **** like i had so much energy and the taste of it was actually way better than i was expecting, good pumps,nice clean energy throughout your workout and creatine free so great if u are cycling off creatine and need a pw, it also brought alot of veins out in my arms and chest, for greater pumps and vascularity stack it with force fator nitric oxide pills, great overall product

tha shredda's Rating

tha shredda did not leave a written review for this product.

loconti257's Rating

Just seen this product was available via and had to write a quick review. Fooled into buying this at GNC at an early workout stage, didn't know much about pre workouts. Worked at GNC sometime after, found out the commission on this product was high. Mixes like ****, tastes like ****, and ineffective as ****. Save money, get better results...go C4, Amino Energy, or Assault.

eltano15's Rating

i haven use pre workout sup in a long time almost year and i tried this and didn't do much just a little more energy at the beginning of my workout.

JesusTheKing's Rating

Body rush has all the critical ingredients , beta alanine, l-leucine, and nitric oxide that all preworkouts should have. The cherry limade had a great tangy taste that even combined well with basic protein flavors. It mixes well. The energy was something you could count on hitting you hard and sticking around. A couple of times I would not get enough sleep and work a 12 hour day, once I had some body rush I would feel energized to hit the gym and power through the workout. The focus was always on point and keep me concentrated on pushing past the limits my mind was telling me to stop at. This happened on a regular basis. It gave an amazing pump, and even when I was tired I felt strong. all in all this product really came through for me,

gailh's Rating

i really liked Body Rush! im kinda stim sensitive so i started out with 3/4 of a serving....and it did the job i was looking for....smooth, clean energy....with no jitters. after a few workouts i went to a full serving and again, the product delivered. i had the cherry limeaide flavor which i found a bit chemically...but not unpleasant at all. overall, i gave it a solid 8.

austinspeer810's Rating

I have used this pre workout supplement for a little more than one month. I like the fact that all of the ingredients are not illegal for NCAA sports which is a huge deciding factor when it came for me to choose what pre workout supplement I would use. The taste is ALRIGHT. I would suggest that you take it immediately after you mix it because I find that way tastes the best. Easy to mix but is pretty expensive. Overall not a bad product.

Tom70's Rating

Awesome preworkout supplement. I had tons of energy and I was able to push myself harder and workout longer than ever before.

edball40's Rating

Have used for over a month. Best stirred using blender. Take 30 mins before workout. Hadn't seriously worked out in 20+ years. First max bench press 85lbs, within 3 1/2 weeks maxed out to 170lbs. Allows me to get in additional reps where otherwise I would have crashed and burned. Recovery is excellent.

Sawa3's Rating

Got to try all 3 flavors, with Cherry Limeade being my favorite, followed by Fruit Punch (tastes just like a FLinstones vitamin) and then Strawberry Kiwi. I like getting the stim along with BCAAS, especially for my longer workouts. The sweet spot for me is just 1 scoop in 10oz water. Endurance and recovery are great, and I love being able to use it for 1 hour workouts of running then lifting. Highly recommended!

SWelch's Rating

Body Rush is awesome! I knew that the cherry limeade would be great, so I tried Strawberry-Kiwi instead. Flavor did not disappoint. For mixability, I would have to give an '8' as when I let it sit a couple minutes there would be some sediment, so I'd have to shake, then sip. The best aspect of Body Rush is the mental focus and just the generall get up and go. It was also pleasing that I didn't get the "itchy face" syndrome. Muscle pumps were decent, but I never got the "I'm going to explode out of my skin" effect that I've had with others. Overall this is a very good general preworkout that you don't have to choke down. :)

1-20 of 92 Reviews