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Constructed Of The Highest Quality Materials Available For Lasting Durability!

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gunslinger09's Rating

The material the straps are made of is too heavy and not flexible enough for me. However, they help me get my bent over dumbbell row done with heavier weight.

BenBlue's Rating

They do the job but there is no padding in the wrist area which makes any heavy pulls very uncomfortable. I push through anyways (adrenaline) but you notice it after. Have developed callouses on my wrist as a result of using them. Other then that, they work.

gullyjumper's Rating

gullyjumper did not leave a written review for this product.

bimmerlifting's Rating

Need simple, no frills straps? These are as basic as it gets. I needed a cheap pair of straps and wanted something that was different than the others. What was that thing? Not black. It will be cool to see these things get dirty over time from dirt and debris. It will be a firm reminder of the hard work you put into your lifts. Though, if that things not for you, get a black pair. Sure pads would have been nice, but knew that going in. Simple and effective straps. Made in the USA too so if you are into that kind of thing.

jhej17's Rating

its good but to uncomfortable when lifting to heavy

1-5 of 5 Reviews