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MonsterMuffin's Rating

Seemed to be working but I had to discontinue use as it kept me up all night. The directions are to take 2 right before bed. About an hour after falling asleep I wake up overheating and have to make repeated visits to the washroom and then have a restless and over heating sleep all night. I tried it for 2 weeks and every night was the same. This is my own bodies reaction, everyone else's' reviews are great but I wanted to share just in case you find this happens to you. If FitMiss reads this can you let me know if this can be taken during the day instead?

ariddle23's Rating

Smells kind of funny, but it definitely works.

aastin1987's Rating

I started on this supplement 10 days ago and so far I have already lost almost 4lbs total! After taking for 6 days, I started taking 3 pills at night vs. the recommended 2 pills. I felt like my body was getting used to the supplement, so I upped the amount I was taking. I can say this supplement does not give the "run to the bathroom" effect (thankfully)... if anything it makes you regular! So far I love the results I am getting!

CamilleDartigo's Rating

i just bought this today and so I started taking it tonight along with Z-core PM. I like all Muscle Pharm products including the Fitmiss Line.

Lafelixus's Rating

This product definitely does what it claims, its a detox product that i really love and will always keep handy!

Sarroyo313's Rating

Tried this product a few months ago and didn't seem to work for me or perhaps I just wasn't consistent with it. But I bought a sample box from other supplement provider and received a weeks worth of samples of these again. And oh boy did they work!!! I was so impressed with the product that I reordered a bottle and can't wait to start them again. Now don't think it's a run and go to the restroom where you can't hold it, but it does definitely make you go to the restroom, a problem I've always had. Finally found a subtle yet effective product to help this issue.

Meganaltman's Rating

I love love love this product! Makes me feel so much better and lighter in my midsection! But beware when you got to go you got to go! Lol

patdicaire's Rating

Purchased for my wife. She liked the product for the first couple weeks but then seemed to have adjusted and not as effective.

Froggy678's Rating

Hi I have been on this product for 2 days now and still nothing. Wondering how long you take it before you get results.? I like the convenience of it. I will keep you posted on how it does.

SamanthaAnn's Rating

This is the first product I've found that works for this purpose...I've tried millions of fiber products and nothing. So glad cleanse is available.

jenlholler's Rating

jenlholler did not leave a written review for this product.

meghanq's Rating

Ive tried a lot of natural remedies to "cleanse" my digestive system out, and I've seen success with different things, but this is by far the most convenient remedy that I've used. Its so nice and simple to take 2 capsules right before bed, compared to making different concoctions on my own. It definitely does the trick!

avaken's Rating

Cleanse is a life saver. Filled with quality ingredients that really do make a difference in your digestive system.

aprilan's Rating

I had my trainer check this product out before I made the purchase, and they full endorsed it. Its been a very quality product for me thus far. Feeling full of energy, and way less lethargic. Pleased with the results.

deborahsta's Rating

Lady friend at the gym was always raving about the Cleanse, and how much it had helped her out. So I finally ordered my own container. Really loving it! Lost 5lbs in the first couple of weeks!

anissacl's Rating

All of the Fitmiss products are just fabulous! If any of you ladies are lacking energy during the day, or if your stomach is feeling bloated all the time, this may be your answer. It definitely was in my case. Feeling day and night better since using this nightly.

jessrain's Rating

Ive been taking the Cleanse for about 3 weeks now, and am a huge fan. Ive actually lost about 3lbs which is just awesome! Stomach is starting to feel flatter.

mindybl1's Rating

Really superb product! Ive noticed a huge change in the way I feel over the past few weeks. My mid section just feels way lighter, and just the way it should. It definitely has increased my bathroom use. Which is a good thing.

Momof2boys05's Rating

Starting using a week ago. Lost 5 lbs and it doesn't hurt my stomach , no jitters. I also feel it helped me sleep at night!!!! great product ,,,?now I wanna try the rest of their products.

stefichi25's Rating

Ive been taking this over a week now and not really noticing any changes to my stomach area.... dont plan to repurchase again.

1-20 of 117 Reviews