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Supports Healthy Body Composition & Increased Endurance, & Promotes Long Lasting Energy!*

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pavelbuka's Rating

pavelbuka did not leave a written review for this product.

brood550's Rating

As a previous user of other thermo genetic fat burners this one loses potency rather quickly. I haven't felt the rush that accompanied the previous products I used which were the original Oxy Elite Pro and Muscle Tech Thermo Gain. On Oxy Elite pro I was able to cut from 215 to 173. With Thermo Gain I was able to trim quite a bit off as well. I haven't dropped nearly anything with this product. Will change my review if I add on weight after expending the supply I have left. I wouldn't recommend this product.

srob7001's Rating

I really enjoyed this fat burner. As a male who isn't trying to cut tons of fat this is great. No jitters...I repeat no jitters. I can tel its working as it makes me feel hotter on the insides and I lost a few pounds of fat around my waist in only a few weeks time. If you are one of those who prefers more energy from a fat burner I would say to take this with NMT as it will give you that extra energy you need. What I also liked was that the dosing was very small so it's easy to figure out what your tolerance is with it. I took 1 pill before breakfast and another right before lunch. And I can say I never really felt like my tolerance level went up. Never had to adjust my dosing.

derek2410's Rating

Did nothing for me except blood pressure

heyitzthedavid's Rating

This product was allright for the first few days. But body got used to it. Wouldn't reccomend it.

calvinx408's Rating

I'm pretty disappointed after reading all these reviews. When purchasing a fat burner; I expect the following: -more focus -more energy -higher heart rate -tons of sweat for my morning fasted cardio I didn't feel any jitters with these pills though. I prefer the jittery feeling and still looking for a detonate replacement.

ChaseShadows's Rating

I can definitely feel this product working and it serves as my pre-workout in a way. Gives good energy before going to the gym. I am going to start a serious cut soon and take them regularly as stated on the bottle. Right now my usage is kind of sporadic. When I am on a strict regimen and combine this with my cardio routine I will give an update.

lifthard72's Rating

Lifthard72 Reviews ErgoShred! Well here we go! For this post I will review ErgoShred Based on 4 criterion; Effectiveness (thermogenic/energy) Ingredient Profile and Overall Rating. I won’t do too much more rambling so let’s get right into the review of ErgoGenix ErgoShred! Thermogenesis Effect 10/10 Holy sweat Batman! Ill first start out by say that I do sweat a little bit more than the average person I believe. I think that it might just be genetics but either way I am a fairly sweaty guy. ErgoShred definitely helped with that anyway. One great thing about the thermogenesis that I did enjoy, was that it did not make me sweat outside of working out. When taking a quiz in class or just hanging out in my room I didn’t find myself sweating up a storm or feeling hot. Now on the other hand when I went to practice or went to workout, that’s when the shower poured on. I felt myself get warm pretty quickly and that even before I started practicing or getting into the lift I was sweating! A few times I even ended up switching shirts in between practice and lifting because it was so drenched . as bad as this sounds, I actually enjoy the extra sweating. It makes me feel like im working hard and im actually putting forth a ton of effort! Overall I believe the Thermogenesis deserved a 10/10 Energy Effectiveness 9/10 Here is another part that I believe shows ErgoShred’s true colors. The energy that I received from ErgoShred was long and continuous, anything but hard hitting and jittery. It hits like a fat burner should. Obviously dieting is a marathon not a sprint and I believe fat burners should be the same. About 30 minutes after I took my first dosing, I felt the energy start to build. That is one thing that I appreciate about this product is it doesn’t hit ya like a monster energy drink where youre bouncing off the walls. It hits you and makes you want to be active and do some form of activity without it being going crazy. The other thing I love about Ergoshred is that the dosing is so interchangeable ranging from 1-4 caps up to 2 times daily depending on how stim sensitive you are. I felt that the 9/10 was perfect because some people who may be pretty stimmed up as it is may have to take 4 caps twice daily to feel what I felt. Ingredient Profile 9/10 While I cant name every single ingredient included in ErgoShred, I do know quite a few. I love the addition of PLC, as carnitine is something I have stood by for a few years in my fat burning stacks. Obviously it does have caffeine, but not too much caffeine which is something that turned me onto the product to begin with. Just 50mg of caffeine per cap! The NMT is a product that Ergogenix includes in quite a few of their products including selling it as a standalone and that’s something else that I loved in ErgoPump and Ergoshred! Capsimax is a new and emerging product found in a couple of fat burners and that’s the original “thermogenic spice”. And last but not least I like BioPerine and it’s a staple in quite a few products. Although it is a proprietary blend. Im extrememly happy that there aren’t 40 different ingredients with 30 letter names. Id have to say this is one of the more basic fat burners out on the markets. OVERALL 9.5/10 Overall I think ErgoShred, for me, is very deserving of a 9.5/10. A few things that I did mention that it did for me was suppress my appetite and give me a sense of well being, almost like a Nootropic! The appetite suppression was far beyond what I imagined considering a lot of people don’t praise its ability. I didn’t have to force myself to eat, but at the same time, I didn’t feel like snacking as much as I used to. I wouldn’t just open up the fridge every 15 minutes because I was bored. The “Nootropic” effect was something that was just great as well. I usually don’t get a nootropic effect with thermogenics or fat burners so when I experienced it with ErgoShred, it made me want to be a repeat buyer! Once again ErgoShred is something that I will definitely be using this spring into summer when I start my serious cutting! An absolute phenomenal fat burner by ErgoGenix!!

scottyb05's Rating

Ergoshred is definitely one of the better thermogenics I have had. I stacked this with NMT by ergogenics, and the energy was pure and clean. What I liked most about Ergoshred is that it isn't packed full of caffeine. About 100 mg per serving is a perfect amount. Most thermogenics leave me feeling shakey, twitchy, and have hot flashes..not Ergoshred. Clean energy, and a solid thermogenic effect! The appetite suppression isn't the greatest, but you can just man up and deal with a little hunger pains.

Doollas's Rating

This is one of the best fat burners out there, and for the price, is my go to. Thanks ErgoGenix!

ElissGaga's Rating

ElissGaga did not leave a written review for this product.

PappaBear76's Rating

ErgoShred delivered exactly what I wanted. A weight loss supplement that increased my energy without the jitters or suppressing my appetite. I have steadily been loosing weight while keeping on muscle that I have worked hard for and want to keep. With ErgoShred I have been able to get in most of my meals to keep the metabolism rolling without the jitters and it can be spiced up nice with ErgoGenix NMT for an extra kick during a long day.

SWelch's Rating

What's not to love? I tried a mini package for only a week (2 caps twice a day), but it was enough to evaluate. Big plus for me: no jitters, good energy, and it didn't increase my appetite. My daughter even commented one afternoon that I seemed very energetic. I felt good taking ErgoShred. I feel as though I can stay on it long-term without issues, as some other 'thermos' have made me annoyed or jittery in the past. During that week, I lost 1.8lbs versus .4lbs the week before, stacking with a nutrient partitioner. UPDATE: I was given a bottle of ErgoShred (6wks) and ErgoBolic (4wks) to test together by the SuperAwesome ErgonGenix reps, namely MuscleMom. I can't say enough good stuff about this product. I've never had staggering weight loss results with any thermogenic. But the results I had on ErgoShred were very pleasing: no jitters at all, and I felt like I had some hunger control. While on both I lost a total of 2 lbs, which isn't much (including gaining a lb one week), but gained some muscularity in my upper torso and lost 2" on my waist. For me, I would use it again as I have tried others for 30 days, one after the other and have gotten nowhere (very stubborn). If I can get a couple inches down on my waist, I would do it over again on a slow burn, as long as I'm getting some kind of results.

realmobfather's Rating

I’ve only tried a handful of fatburners but I would say ErgoShred is one of the better ones I’ve used. I started out two pills a day and worked my way to full dosage of six pills. Just to note: If you take six pills a day be prepared to sweat A LOT. A bottle lasted me 45 days and in that time span I lost only 4 lbs. I was hoping for more but I can’t blame ErgoShred for that, these aren’t “magic pills”.

Wert813's Rating

I would like to thank MuscleMom for sending me a sample of this in the mail. when i first started taking this, i took one capsule in the morning and another in the afternoon and didnt feel any different. i moved onto 2 capsules, in morning and afternoon. i did feel my metabolism speed up very quickly!! i felt focus and didnt feel out of it as i did with other products. would recommend if looking to lose the extra couple of pounds go look good for the summer!

Getbig831's Rating

ErgoShred is an excellent prouduct and even better when stacked with ErgoGenix's NMT. Whether you are using this pre workout or throughout the day, ErgoShred will provide you will great focus and good clean energy. You will feel it within minutes and it will last for hours, keeping you feeling fit and lean, all while controlling your appetite.

Zebrazac's Rating

Awesome product great energy throughout the entire day. Felt focused and alert. I could actually feel my metabolism speed up and that's is awesome when you are prepping for a show. I dropped about 8 lbs in 3 weeks. All around great product 10/10 definitely would recommend this to anyone.

Jbeanie1974's Rating

I'm super sensitive to stimulants and this has been great for me! I started with 1 capsule in the morning and worked my way up to 3. I take it before my early morning cardio to get me through the workout. I just started stacking it with ErgoBolic for my show prep so I am excited to see what it will do for me

Lineman99's Rating

I give this product a 9.4/10 to see why click on the link you wont be sorry!

incoe's Rating

incoe did not leave a written review for this product.

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