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Helps Minimize Catabolic Hormones, While Promoting The Anabolic Ones!

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mvd546's Rating

I was struggling with sleep before I started the ErgoBolic. On the 2 bottles I went through I noticed deeper sleep and had some weird dreams. Even on nights where I didn't sleep well I woke up more refreshed. I also woke up less when I was on ErgoBolic. I between my bottles I had a good month break and my sleep was horrible and when I got back on it sleep was improved once again. I've went through a lot during this log and I think the it also helped with the stress and helped keep me calm. Recovery was awesome with ErgoBolic. Went through a good amount of high volume training and recovered very quickly. Also think I gained some strength just fully coming back from my shoulder injury I managed to hit some PR's. Weighed in at 207 today, but look very lean and I'm sure the ErgoBolic has helped me stay lean.I would recommend ErgoBolic to anyone who is looking for some good sleep and recovery. IT isn't a very noticeable supplement, but you will see how it aids in sleep and recovery after just a week of taking it. Price is also very reasonable and I'll probably buy a bottle for my cut in a month.

Feb 25, 2014 |