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Carbohydrate Protein Formula For Endurance, Recovery And Rehydration!*

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dpostiff's Rating

Excellent product! No artificial sweeteners. Great during workouts and post workout for recovery.

runharder4me's Rating

The best product I have tried for extended periods of cardio (LSD runs) with weight lifting afterwards. Very little stiffness and or soreness over the next day.

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cmhaka's Rating

cmhaka did not leave a written review for this product.

aleoliva86's Rating

aleoliva86 did not leave a written review for this product.

nakam009's Rating

Very good product. I like practicing many sports among them brazilian jiu jitsu and surfing. I can surf for 2 hours only to spend 2 more hours doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which demands lots of energy. I usually take ACCELERADE in those moments when I feel that I dont have any more fuel in me. It makes me more energized and able to maintain my cardio for these intense sport sessions. I dont recommend it if you are going to train for less than an hour because you would not feel any results. It is for extreme training only!

kineticmuscle's Rating

pretty good supplement, great for pre and intra workouts. Like sports.. alittle sweet and funny tasting but nothing too bad hahaha, this isnt a new formula that everyone should have but deff something to look into.

Duathlete's Rating

This product is great for longer racing/training rides or runs. I find I have less fatigue in my muscles vs. other sports drinks especially for workouts longer than 1 hour. Taste is a bit sweet, but ok.

Mizong's Rating

Didn't do anything for me. I used this product as a pre running enhancer. I guess I will try Cytomax next.

jfreyes's Rating

I bought this to use as a pre lifting booster. Doesn't work for everyone. Didn't work for me at all, but it tasted good. However I didn't buy the product because of the taste.

ttfit2's Rating

Accelerade helps reduce my soreness a lot especially when I lift. I love the lemonade flavor. I just put in my shaker cup with water after I workout and drink it. I don't like real sweet products and this isn't too sweet for me. It is just right. I like that it is not loaded with a lot of calories so I can stay within my daily caloric goals as well. That is an added plus for me.

cooperzsj's Rating

Accelerade has been one of the greatest supplements that I have taken over the years. I have been taking it since Jr. High and have been using it since. Really helps to rehydrate your body. All flavors are really good too but I like Lemonade the best.

cmwylie19's Rating

cmwylie19 did not leave a written review for this product.

nooner306's Rating

This stuff tastes awesome!Just like fruit punch is supposed to taste.Really quenches my thirst on those long hellish cardio days.Only down side would be is it looks a little murky when mixed but i didn't buy it to look at it.LOL!

ochant's Rating

ochant did not leave a written review for this product.

edmwri's Rating

Tastes great with 1/2 a banana and helps a lot with recovery. Works great for routines with a lot of cardio such as P90X and is a lot cheaper than their brand name stuff.

soccerlife's Rating

I use this one to train for my triathlons and long rides. It doesn't upset my stomach and has a really good 4:1 ratio which I like a lot. The protein helps keep my muscles from crapping during my training and fatiguing out on me to soon. I like the fact that I can use it for pre, during and post workouts. This by far is one of my favorites!!!


Looking for something with more taste than water but doesn't leave you thirsty looking for more. Here it is Accelerade replinishes the most important building blocks an active athelete deserves while knocking the unsatisfied thirst to the curb. Take Accelerade as a pre, during, and post workout and even drink it on non workout days instead of soda and other sports drinks. When I am not out cycling, you'll find me out fishing tournament trails for the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation. After eight hours of being out on the water, nothing is better than popping the top off to my bodybuilding mixer full of Accelerade. Cheers! Buy a tub and try it for yourself.

beasleyh22's Rating

This is a critical 1st portion of the NTS(Nutrient Timing Sys.) I have found that other sport drinks dont compare to the results you find in your Energy Phase of your workout like this supplement does. The flavor is very good, has slight hint of that protein taste, but again, very good. Hint: use the other 2 of the products for proper NTS results. They work synergistically w/ one another. if not check out the fact of NTS Energy, Anabolic, Growth.

1-18 of 18 Reviews