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The Ultimate Workout Experience for Intense Strength and Pump*

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Cjdx's Rating

Suprisingly this was like a crazy good pre-workout. Recieved a sample pack to try. Easily the best tasting pre I have ever taken. Would drink it all day long if it didn't have stims in it.

crawshaw's Rating

While it does deliver a tingling feeling throughout my arms when it kicks in (15-25 min after drinking a scoop), I don't feel very energized by it. I did notice it was a bit easier to push harder while doing sprints and weightlifting, but the difference was so minimal that I wouldn't recommend it as a reliable energy booster. As far as taste goes, I used the fruit punch flavor and it was alright despite having an metallic smell to it. It's sort of chalky since a lot of the stuff doesn't fully dissolve, even with a lot of water, but there aren't any clumps and it goes down pretty easily.

MsViolence's Rating

I just got my first two tubs today (buy one get one free) of the caffeine free Xpand. I was looking for an alternative to my previous preworkout and I decided on this because of the ingredients. I think the smell and taste is great. My initial impression of this product is that it is good. I'm glad I decided on this preworkout.

jaredmus's Rating

LETS KEEP THIS SIMPLE taste good, has everything you can want in a preworkout, creatine, bcaa, beta alanine ,agmatine, beet root, 3xcreatine, caffeine This is the most complete formula out IMO and actually works, 2 scoops of this provides clean, long lasting energy, this gives a good pump and actually tastes and mixes well. I have been using this for 3.5 months, stocked up when it was BOBO, and on top of that another bonus is it is NSF GMP certified which means no banned substances. Highly s****est this to all looking for a great price, taste and most important improved workout

SmokinBuddha19's Rating

The product itself is worth a 10 stars rating, because I could be dead tired after work and drink Xpand 2X and I'll have a lot of energy to make it through my 2 hours workout.

Trogdorbob's Rating

so, first off, I had bought the watermelon flavour. Next I have liked using this product. If I was to rebuy I would opt for the caffeine free version. So yes, this was a good buy. The taste though, I have no idea what everyone is talking about. It was ok, but man, when you got to the foam from being shaken, it was terribi bad. It was even worse when the bcaa's were mixed in. Having said that, let's not lose focus that it still is a good product so far.

ghfd116's Rating

ghfd116 did not leave a written review for this product.

0009518's Rating

This is an amazing product, I get a great pump, have energy throughout the duration of my workout and it tastes great. It is a prework out that is definitely underrated!

doubledog54's Rating

I really like this preworkout.It gives me more than enough energy and focus to power through my workouts.I love the watermelon flavor.Some preworkouts make jittery and tense but not this one.It's clean energy and focus.

dmw808's Rating

dmw808 did not leave a written review for this product.

Anmolpia's Rating

Anmolpia did not leave a written review for this product.

nadzak's Rating

The product tastes good and works as advertized.

KristySD's Rating

I bought the buy 1 get 1 free 10 servings watermelon flavour, i would have to say i was disappointed in this product. First the mix ability is pretty bad, when i put my scoop into the bottle and shake it there is a bunch of it left at the bottom it looks almost like sand. Due to the left sand left at the bottom of the bottle and its a good amount when you're drinking it, it's very chalky, which i didn't like at all. I'm not sure if i've just forgotten what watermelon tasted like but it didn't like watermelon to me, it seemed to have more of a soft fruit punch flavour, but that could just be me. I didn't feel more alert during my workouts, sometimes i was still yawning at the gym and after a good nights rest I wouldn't recommend this product

GPWhetstone's Rating

One of the best tasting pre-workout supps that I've tried, and I've tried many. The watermelon is great and mixes up very well. Gives a good boost to performance, lasts throughout the workout (I personally average 30-60 minute sessions), and gives a good "tingle" to let you know it's time to go! Yet another fantastic Dymatize product.

Jamesluong's Rating

taste great and is an awesome pump!

CashyXx's Rating

It can only be described as the closest thing to working out after smoking crack! I took my Xpand 2x 30 mins prior to my work out and on the way to my gym I felt like ripping my steering wheel off. When I got to the gym I was lifting heavier than usual and I had a feeling as though I was floating around the gym! I gave me a hell of a pump and at one point I am pretty sure that I started seeing sounds! I have tried a few pre-workouts like Iron pump, N.O. Xplode and others but this tastes so much better and gives more of a buzz, so much so I felt as though I could punch my way through a wall to get to the great outdoors and live like a wild man. It's a truly great product but I would suggest not taking it too late at night as I did a late evening workout and after decided to drive to Dundee in my bare feet.

Druboutin's Rating

Good pumps and focus at 2 scoops. BOGO makes the case for me.

TCannella's Rating

TCannella did not leave a written review for this product.

b-rett's Rating

I have used several pre workout supplements and this is one of the best for me by far. I know everyone will have different responses to different products but 2 scoops of this and I'm ready for a very nice pump. Not sure how well this product is for strength but if a pump is what you want then this is the way to go. And for the BOGO free you can't beat that. I take this with extra creatine and have plenty of energy to make it through some tough workouts even when I feel less than motivated. Overall very good product and I will buy again.

lonniej's Rating

Dymatize Xpand x2 is an excellent pre-workout. Two scoops provided plenty of energy and endurance to make it through my workouts. Solid pumps were achieved, especially when doing high rep work. The taste is not bad but, not my favorite, took some getting used to. If not for the taste, I would rate this product a high 9 because of it's effectiveness. I will use this product again and recommend it to anyone looking for a pre-workout boost.

1-20 of 176 Reviews