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Dymatize Has Captured The Unique Properties Of Beef In A Delicious Convenient Powder!

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dakotarich's Rating

I really like this protein, i dont understand where everyone thinks it is a bad tasting protein? i guess it depends on your taste, blueberry isn't bad at all, next tube is gna be fruit punch.

Vovanchitos's Rating

Vovanchitos did not leave a written review for this product.

Lilwatty07's Rating

Lilwatty07 did not leave a written review for this product.

jawz101's Rating

It's a good product. All I could think of when drinking it, though, was that I'm drinking a blueberry meatshake.

MassRevolution's Rating

GREAT STUFF!!!!! I've tired it all, but this is my favorite. Taste- Tastes pretty good to be honest. The blue rasberry is great, but the only thing i've noticed is a little bit of an aftertaste. It kind of tastes like beef. But hey, do we honestly drink this stuff because it tastes good? Foaming- It does foam a lot more than whey. I just open the shaker bottle after mixing it and leave it sit for about 2 minutes and the foam is gone. So, it's not too big of an issue. Effectiveness- Let's get to what really matters. Alright, I like the profile of it (27g of protein, 3g creatine, etc...). This also has lots of aminos. This stuff will definitely help you from becoming sore the next day. I put it to the test with a hard and heavy leg workout, I was still sore the next day but felt pretty good (usually I can barely walk) Results- So far I'm a month into using it and have gained around 7 pounds of mass, this wasn't all muscle but still... 7 pounds is pretty good. My bench has went up around 15 pounds. Squat-20. Military-15. This will give you very lean muscle mass gains. Even after the 7 pounds gained, I still have a 6 pack. Overall- I would recommend this to anyone. Flavor needs some improvement but is much better than the generic fruit punch. Excellent results.

dmagee12's Rating

Good product, and a slightly better profile than Carnivor and cheaper. Flavor is good and mixes well! For those of you saying it foams...I use a Braun hand mixer and put a 1/2 to a full scoop of waxy maize (John Scott's Nitro Glyco Charge) and there is no foam whatsoever.

aarya79's Rating

aarya79 did not leave a written review for this product.

QMJHL47's Rating

Mixes and tastes better than MuscleMeds Carnivor while matching its ingredient profile and costs less. A great change of pace from whey protein that packs an anabolic punch.

8michael8's Rating

Excellent protein. Mixes easily. Have had none of the stomach upset I sometimes get with some whey proteins. Have not tried the Fruit Punch, but Blue Raspberry tastes excellent. I'd put this right up there with Muscle Milk Orange Creme as the best protein powder I've ever had. Beef-derived proteins have a tendency to foam more than whey-derived proteins, so I wouldn't mix with a blender. What works for me is to initially mix Primal in a Blender Bottle with warm or hot water. I just move the bottle in a circular motion instead of the normal method of shaking it up and down. Top it off with cold water and you're ready to go.

bigdanik's Rating

pas très bon au goût et avec un odeur de vidange.

ftr26's Rating

ftr26 did not leave a written review for this product.

robsonrisso's Rating

robsonrisso did not leave a written review for this product.

BigHoop65's Rating

Gave this one a try as a possible alternative to Carnivor. The bioavailability and uptake is pretty good as expected from a beef protein. I had to take the good and the bad with the fact that it's only stripped down to 1g of carbs which is ideal for my nutritional goals but they also stripped down some serious vitamin and mineral content. The taste was as I expected but sometimes I taste the sweetener trying to hide the beef protein aftertaste instead of it just outright having a good taste and aftertaste. All in all, Dymatize did a great job in making this product but Carnivor has been on the market longer and made better strides, so I'm sticking to Carnivor.

16seevue's Rating

Terrible smell and taste. YUCK!!!!

jshredder's Rating

So far I am liking this protein but first time trying it the aftertaste was weird but seems to be tasting better every time I use it.

padrino733's Rating

Great product especially for those who are lactose intolerant. Tastes great and mixes perfectly. The only problem is that it foams after mixing. thumbs up

1-16 of 16 Reviews