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clarencejohn's Rating

I wish I could rate this over 5, Hands down - AWESOME!!!

Charlesherna's Rating

The product is very effective and give a great result.

yeahhub's Rating

i was very impressed with the results and the genuine produts of body building .. i just 7 days i gained 1.5 kgs with normal diet and creatine . i m very excited now .. now i m back with my normal weight very very good product

jason1mc's Rating

Extreme constipation with this protein.

hectorcurly69's Rating

The taste is really good. When mixed with milk, it is rich and thick. definitely recommend if you are looking for a blend.

Phillips5's Rating

My normal go to protein as I feel like it's a good combination of macros, taste, and value. The only negative I have is that it's a little thin and the powder itself has this weird musty smell when I open my tub. Other than that, it's just a solid powder

TimC19's Rating

Out of all the protein companies I've tried some being BPI, animal and Cellucor its probably the worst one of all of them it mixes good but doesn't taste like the flavor its supposed to be (Cookies and Cream). The swiss chocolate isn't as bad mixes good and actually taste like chocolate. Would not recommend to anyone even though it's decently priced.

CharlieLucian0's Rating

Like always happy with dymatize protein. This one tasting pretty **** good even with water and it tastes even better with milk. Drinking Dymatize Elite XT in the evening aswell

bran15047don's Rating

Mixes really bad but is the only protein that truly taste good with water. It is not the best protein but is good for the price compared to some of the other brands.

jessea82b51's Rating

it tast G.A.F i made protein pancakes with the swiss chocolate man it blow my mind

kerrilee's Rating

This is by far the best protein I have ever tried. Flavor, mix-ability, and quality all score 10 out of 10. You cannot go wrong with any of Dymatize's proteins.

tmon2129's Rating

Dymatize is one of the best proteins company out there. Their taste and price can't be beat. Plus the quality of the protein is one of the best out there. PEROID! I've tried many others...MP, GNC'S AMP, PROMASIL, AT LARGE NUTRITION, and ON just to name a few. And personally I don't feel any of those are AS good as dymatize.

JeanineT's Rating

This is hands down the best tasting protein powder I have tasted since trying many of them! A friend recommended it and I am so happy to have peeps who give these types of wonderful recommendations - the taste is divine, very subtle and yum.

sully3169's Rating

This is my favorite protien. Tastes great mixes well and now i dont need mix protien with some coffe for that extra kick since this falvor, cappuccino rush has 100mg Caffeine per serving. And its a blended protein not just whey which research shows maximizes gains!

rebel614's Rating

One of the tastiest proteins.. Good in price.. Excellent results.. Recovers quickly. I highly recommend it to all those looking for quick recovery and results must give it a try.. I am definitely going to try other supplements by the maker in future .. For me its 10/10.

joshmay97's Rating

Good product for price. A good mix of different types of protein. I prefer buying more quality protein, but if you're on a budget, this is an amazing product for the price. Gainz will be made

ekruse2's Rating

Good flavor, good mix, good product. I liked everything about this product. Will buy again especially for the price.

dudevil's Rating

one of the most delicious protein powder 10/10

aklich's Rating

Great taste and no extreme full gut feeling. Easy on the stomach.

1-20 of 463 Reviews