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Olestra's Rating

Olestra did not leave a written review for this product.

USC1Dave's Rating

Best T-Booster on the market, I love this product and had noticeably increased strength and size by week 3. No sore joints or anything that I got with other stuff that killed my estrogen levels. The libido improvement was insane as well, definitely recommended it and Driven Sports is the most innovative company out there

SquatMonster89's Rating

The strength gains on this product were absolutely insane. Ive never taken a supplement like this before but I have been powerlifting for 6 years and my 1RM 3 lift total of squat/DL/Bench went up a cumulative 55lbs. over 6 weeks, then plateaud for the last 2 weeks when I was doing a mini cut. My diet was a little dirty during the first 6 weeks but I only gained a little bit of fat, and then I lost it plus a little extra. I read online that my joints would be sore but they weren't, and I don't take any supplements for joints other than fish oil. I bought 2 bottles and it was totally worth it, definitely gonna use this stuff again if I decide to compete in the Fall.

Superflies911's Rating

Took 2 caps in the morning with food and 1 cap before bed for 4 weeks starting May 18th and ending like 2 weeks ago. At first the only thing i noticed was oily skin and slightly increased appetite, but after a while i started noticing more endurance and strength in the gym. Also i was eating a little more than usual but didn't gain any fat, in fact i think i lost a little fat. 2 weeks later i swear it's still working haha, love this stuff

laoneill95's Rating

Nearing the end of my 2 month cycle with this product. First time ever taking anything like this. My strength has gone way up. Libido isn't there as advertised by some. One of those things I suppose. Secondly, the amount of lean muscle I've put on is incredible. Never before have I seen this much. doesn't really make my muscles look large until I flex. Also makes my lean muscle feel like rocks. Lastly, I believe this product would benefit either cutting or bulking. Cutting more specifically. Has brought out a large amount of that "DRY" look a lot of people want and strive for. Although I recommend this for cutting purposes, you can still bulk while looking dry. Furthermore, aggression defiantly went up. I sure wasn't use to this. Took a lot of self teaching to control my anger around people, especially co-workers. As long as you have your anger under control, this product will do wonders for you.

calamari88's Rating

calamari88 did not leave a written review for this product.

ThomasErski's Rating

I can see the difference that craze has made in my workouts in my results, my ability to workout, and in my diet

YellowMamba91's Rating

Used 4 caps a day stacked with DAA, definitely noticed an edge and increase in intensity in the gym. No noticeable increase in libido, already really high without it.

pharoh9's Rating

pharoh9 did not leave a written review for this product.

AntM1564's Rating

I would recommend Triazole to anyone. Although my goal was to put on clean weight, this could easily be used in a full out bulk (stacked with a test booster would be great IMO), while cutting, or while recomping. I increased my cals, decreased my cardio lengths and still did not gain any fat. In fact, I think I lost some while maintaining my weight and gaining strength. Libido was slightly increased and I slept like a **** baby EVERY single night. My rating...9/10 See my full review and log here -

davidpeterr's Rating

Great one

ThunderPecs's Rating

Good product and profile but had to discontinue use because I got a bad reaction from stacking it with Activate XT. However, I was taking three caps per day with each meal and I still felt my estrogen rise. I did this for about two weeeks before discontinuing.

ginaidis's Rating

Helps you to get very hard and very lean!

Ike67's Rating

This combined with DAA has helped me to make huge strides in strength. I can feel the increase in testosterone levels.

Batleaxe's Rating

Stacked with Activate Xtreme, you feel like King Kong every workout session.

nub's Rating

I tried two separate cycles of DS Triazole. The first one didn't really do anything even though I followed the label - I felt pretty much nothing. The second time I actually lowered the dose (1 cap in AM and 1 in PM) and started seeing positive effects about 3-4 weeks later - elevated mood, confidence, notable increase in libido. Side effects - minor acne and occasional irritability. So perhaps some users have to wait a bit longer. I'm not sure if it did anything to my workouts but the overall sense of well being was definitely worth it. I definitely recommend this.

bobo1132's Rating

I'm a big guy, so i'm on 4 pills a day. I'm stacking with DPol and soon to start activate xtreme with it, because i enjoy this so much I'm really hopeful that it will be as good. I've taken erase before for a couple of 8 week cycles, and while this is not a suicidal AI inhibitor, you don't need to suppress that much estrogen when your like me and don't do any of the crazy stuff. this is a solid natty product, taken with a very high protein/clean carb diet and a very intense lifting schedule, sleep is amazing and all and all this is a great product for a recomp or just a build cycle. love it good job! cant wait to get through the 8 week cycle with this

xxgameskingxx's Rating

This Product is one of my favorite, it increased my size and strength and helped me gain lean mass. i stack it with activate xtreme and going to order them both, but why activate xtreme is not available ? :( can somebody help ?

hastinbe's Rating

Did not work, want refund.

kylekennedy24's Rating

It works! Definitely stack with Activate Xtreme.

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