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LoganScott's Rating

By far one of the most effective pre-workouts I have taken. The only PWO that compared was the original jack3d formula containing DMAA's. This product would be a 10 if it didn't taste terrible and wasn't under investigation for "meth-like substances" which makes me a little nervous. However, this product makes me more focused than any other PWO and enables me to hit the gym for hours.

sandi36's Rating

Amazing stuff! I have a pretty high caffeine tolerance and even this stuff gave me a huge kick. The taste was okay. I didn't feel sweaty or have a racing heart. I did have a ton of energy and stamina at the gym. I lifted heavier. It stayed with me throughout the day and I didn't feel a huge crash.

TracySSheiko1's Rating

This stuff is fantastic, I started taking this before my Sheiko programming. My PR's in squat, dead lift, and presses have jumped! I feel huge when I walk into the gym. Tracy approved!

Lazyinphuket's Rating

I was hyped to try Craze after hearing so much about it. Maybe i was expecting it to blow my head off but unfortunately it was a bit of a flop. I had a tub of pineapple and the taste is vile. Using 2 scoops for my calf workouts, which take me about an hour to get through. It works for this particular bodypart as i do feel focused. Craze does not provide me with any energy nor does it really make me gym ready like the other top pre's availiable. If your chasing extra strenght and energy I would probably try something else.

arnoldelis's Rating

I took 1.5 scoops and the effects were amazing i flet like beating the living sh** out of everyone. down side is that i got a horible headache and felt like puking. 10/10 for preformane but the crash just puts it down.

millsthrills's Rating

Ive tried soooo many Pre workouts and i have found my favorite. Im not the type to chase the BA tingle, i look for focus and 2 scooping craze gives me INSANE focus. Head down music on and its like ive got the gym to myself. Ive tried Grape and Berry lemonade and to be honest they both taste like science to me but most PW do.

dkehl's Rating

dkehl did not leave a written review for this product.

FsAxis92's Rating

Questionable ingredients. Great focus, intensity and energy.

VasilGj's Rating

Awesome pre workout supplement, helped me a lot, gave me a lot of energy. Had no problems with it at all. First time I tried it, I didnt really like the flavor but then i got used to it and its not bad at all. Would definitely recommend.

CaseyGotGogi's Rating

This is one of the most powerful pre-workout products I have ever taken. I work 12 hr shifts 6 days a week. This gives me the gas in the tank when I get off work to blast through anything. I thought that it would keep me up all night, but I actually don't have too hard of a time getting to sleep at around 10pm, even when I've just taken two scoops at 5-5:30pm. You'll be amazed at the focus this gives you in the gym.

Mikeeyn's Rating

Mikeeyn did not leave a written review for this product.

bmindful's Rating

The candy grape flavor I had was dreadful. The craze isn't a stim type sup but the endurance wasn't too bad. I ended up mixing it with grape no xplode to stomach the nasty taste.

Adamus77's Rating

Tried and it and didn't really like compared to my last preworkout and stopped using it after i read Men's Physique champion Rob Riches recently tested positive on a drug test after taking this. Apparently its spiked with a stimulant that isn't on the nutrition label.

easytheretiger's Rating

I was really excited about this product before I got it but ended up being disappointed. Compared to several other pre-workouts this one was the worst. My pump was run of the mill and the "exclusive" taste had to be choked down. I stopped using this product 2 weeks in because I had no physical results and no sighs that I had ingested a pre-workout except for an upset stomach.

Dmiller0312's Rating

love this product i get an insane workout with this stuff!! love the focus i get out of it! and i can drink this at anytime because of such a low caffeine amount in it so i wont be up all night lol

ericd8's Rating

Craze is my go-to preworkout. For the past 4 tubs, Craze has consistently provided me a combination of great focus and energy throughout my workout. I've used better products in terms of achieving pumps however. In my experience, Craze has provided me a better workout than White Flood, C4, and even Jack3d (DMAA formulation)

jake887's Rating

This pre workout is the best I've tried. Great product. Doesn't make you get jittery or a huge kick like some, it just makes you never want to stop your workouts. Always just want to keep going. Also great focus during workouts. I have ordered it a few times now, all the way from Australia :)

ewolfe08's Rating

I'm convinced I got a bad batch because i didn't feel ANYTHING for this product. But I keep reading all the reviews and all the controversy. I want to try it again but fear they have some quality control issues! (along with other issues regarding the controversial stims)

1-20 of 1,674 Reviews