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Natures Ultimate Monster Mass Builder With 50 Grams Of Protein Per Serving!*

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dzachareas's Rating

Good product. Doesn't mix well and the flavor is very synthetic. I would happily buy this product again, but the flavor doesn't live up to the Muscle Milk taste, though this product isn't Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk is just so delicious. Still, this is one of the better weight gainers I've used.

etherealvortex's Rating

Qulaity product! If your goal is to gain then this is a great way to go. Tastes great, mixes well, and digests easily. Highly recommend!

pomerenke's Rating

I bought this gainer a month ago and within the time being I have gained 4 lbs and I just finished the tub. Most of the weight gained was muscle, I burn a lot of fat at my schools football training over the summer so I'm sure that most of the weight was muscle. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my gains since taking this product. This protein doesn't fill you up or make you bloated and the casein makes it a great before bed time protein as well as a great post workout. My bench has gone up 20 pounds in the past month thanks to this product. Mix ability is great in water or milk. No bad after taste highly recommend. The only con of this product is that you would have to purchase a few tubs to gain the maximum amount of weight.

givuhcky22's Rating

By far my favorite of all the gainers I've tried. After doing the math of calories-per-gram of powder, this supplement is top of the list in terms of getting the most out of it. Tastes great, plenty of calories and protein. Great product.

Fastfeet456's Rating

This is my favorite mass gainer. It helps add size and strength and all the gains I've made thus far have been solid lean muscle. I've tried BSN True mass and XXX amplified mass along with a few others in the past, but Monster Mass is, in my opinion, the most effective.

Loyboy1996's Rating

Picked this up at vitamin shoppe after going through 2 tubs of cyto gainer which was great. Anyways monster mass has a great profile to it better than cyto gainer , the mixability is ok in milk leaves a few small clumps not to bad. Taste like vanilla cake batter it's very good ! I highly reccomend this or any other cyto sport product.

mdterps24's Rating

mdterps24 did not leave a written review for this product.

Slakk44's Rating

This is a good weight gainer. It helped me gradually harden off what I already had and then build lean mass. Gains weren't toocrazy but definitely noticeable. It gave a good full stomach sensation after drinking so I wasn't hungry right away after. It was great for morning shakes as well, and mixed good with bananas and mangos. I would recommend this to anyone looking to put on lean mass an increase gains.

deathlyfighter's Rating

This is one of my favorite mass gainers, tastes good, loaded with protein, and has helped me gain about 20lbs in the last two and half months. Works great!

ftoland's Rating

The flavor was pretty good. It was your standard Cookies and Cream taste. My only issue with it is...4 scoops!!! I though I was getting a hard core protein source to help me reach my daily requirement...and I guess I was...but I could achieve the same amount of protein with just two scoops of Cytosport's other protein powders. Same goes for the BCAA's. I picked this up BOGO 2 get 1 free. Thankfully, it shouldn't take me too long to go through all that...BECAUSE IT'S 4 SCOOPS PER SERVING!

Orchoons's Rating

Orchoons did not leave a written review for this product.

p3p3p3p3p3's Rating

p3p3p3p3p3 did not leave a written review for this product.

CalebClemons34's Rating

over priced with too many fillers, the mass you'll put on is fat and sugar more than muscle, if you don't want that, I've used elite mass by dymatize it's alot leaner and you get 2x as much for your money just my personal opinion though

FIT4life1981's Rating

Got the Cookies N Cream flavor and it's Delicious!!! Mixes well with water or milk. I use blender bottle to mix the product. Good BCAA profile with added Glutamine. I've haven't noticed any weight gain yet... and been using this product for 2 weeks. However I have added weight to my bench presses and curl bar, so I've gotten stronger but not bigger. I've tried Real Gains, but Monster Mass is a lot tastier and not as thick.

Slamdunk22's Rating

Monster Mass has always been my go-to mass gainer. Ever since I started lifting weights in 8th and 9th grade, I've gone from 6 foot 3 and 170 lbs to 6 foot 3 and 235 pounds. I use monster mass maybe once or twice per year (a few tubs at a time) and every time I do, I've noticed mass gains. The first recognition I ever received for lifting weights started to come after lifting hard and taking this product. I strongly recommend this product, especially mixed with milk. It tastes fantastic, adds calories, and adds protein. Also, it leaves a slightly chalky taste in your mouth, which is why it gets a 9 and not a 10, and mixes best in a blender. Overall, great product.

jeiler1's Rating

Gaining mass for a better physique. Great taste and ingredient/supplement profile.

pipes1939's Rating

Product blends well with milk, slightly sweet with good vanilla aftertaste...great for blending with fruits as bananas. Great with bananas and peanut butter if you are trying to up the calories.

MessianicMoss's Rating

best gainer protein in my opinion! great taste and awesome mixability.. I use a half serving after I work out on a cut as well! If your thinking about this stuff... stop thinking and buy it!!!

msg2ab's Rating

Was great and helped me put on 13 pounds in a space of 7 months. Chocolate was good in taste but gave some mild gastric trouble. Strawberry completely put me off and took away any desire to workout when the mere thought came of what i was going to drink.

musbatur's Rating

i wish i really could get benefits from this product, but i did not if i were in your shoes i would never use this product... it doesn't worth your money

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