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Ultra-Concentrated Anabolic Amino Acid Formula!

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rwmartin6173's Rating

I have tried the top brands and sometimes notice a difference with amino supplementation, sometimes not so much. With Monster Amino, it seems the results are the most predictable. I take two full scoops pre-workout. Certainly aids recovery and often the next day I will see a difference in muscle size/vascularity even when that is not my goal. Fruit Punch taste is as good as it gets for amino powders. Mixes well in a shaker with little clumping. This is my go-to.

rustcohle20's Rating

Like the taste just as soda, I prefer this for ıntra-workout supplement to other brand's sugared taste supplement.

Versup's Rating

While I didn't get a "fruit punch" for my taste buds, and it was more of a sour-y fruit-y bubble gum, it was delicious, especially two scoops with half shaker filled with water and some ice cubes. Mixabillity is terrific for a BCAA product with a lot of Leucine in it. What I will say, is that this BCAA is under-dosed for me for pre or intra workout when it comes to the Citrulline or the Arginine. Also, it is kind of a waste of ingredients in your body if you solely take this as a post workout, as I did very soon after experimenting with this product in the windows of taking it.

Davi520's Rating

Really tastes good, i dont see why so many reviews say they couldn't bear the taste, fyi : Typically supplements WILL NOT exactly taste like F***ing cool aid! So strap on a ball sack and drink up! Anyways, its nice and tangy, mixes easily in your shaker, and its very affordable, im on a budget so i need the most bang for my buck and Cytosport really does it for me!

SpartanZ71's Rating

Did a lot of research as well as reading logs and reviews and ended up here. Had free samples of other products such as amino energy, etc - and above all I love this Monster Amino. Was lifting for a month without it and noticed the difference instantly just about. Because I am taking this with a list of other sumplements ( This is the only amino product) I am not going to say it gave me more pump / size / energy / blah blah blah, what it did give me was MUCH faster recovery without the onset of pain, and after doing heavier weights did not have the feeling of being whooped like previously. Highly recommend this to everyone!! Just bought a fruit punch flavor and hoping its as drinkable as the sour apple is.

bobtail55's Rating

I really enjoyed this product, i was sad when i ran out... trying other companies and flavors before i think about buying again.

jpenn03's Rating

I like to take this mixed with my pre-workout. It has a great taste. I also bought the sour apple flavor, but haven't tried that one yet. The Monster series from Cytosport is the way to go if you are going to buy a Cytosport product.

sschimizzi's Rating

Highly recommended, I normally take Xtend however, I was looking for a decent BCAA with lower sodium. I found my solution here.

jsib's Rating

Great taste and I know when it is a part of my pre-workout. I half dose this product between my pre-workout and post workout drinks. I also make this mandatory on off days to help recover. When I am sore this products seems to speed recovery and I am not sure why. I don't ask to many questions though because a simple stack of this, creatine and MRI Black Powder has me gunning to heft up some weights. I am on a budget and do not like to over use products to get big so I try to simplify my products. Monster Amino's is a must in my humble opinion.

Kulya's Rating

Kulya did not leave a written review for this product.

houzenga75's Rating

Top notch BCAA supplement. With all the research on Leucine I will never use a non 8:1:1 ratio mixture probably ever. The flavor is not bad and I have strong belief that I have progressed more as of late using the high Leucine BCAA supplements than ever before.

rwpatterson4's Rating

I came across this product shortly after I started training again and it has been a god send to me. A scoop before and after a workout and two scoops throughout the day on my off days leaves me feeling great. Even after a brutal workout, 2 scoops and I am "right as rain." I love this product. Now it does not taste all that great but I did not buy it for its critically acclaimed flavor. PS: It also works well when mixed with your pre workout supps like C4 or Assault. Taste is even more awful but well worth the benefit.

f430spyder17's Rating

Great product!! I drink this immediately after my workout and you can feel the rush, that feeling of recovery.

caseyban's Rating

great stuff. mixes well with different flavored supps.

endgame1982's Rating

GREAT!, love the citruline, plus pepto pro addition. taste: strong but good.

RHuie's Rating

This is a good amino supplement. I have tried and I prefer others, but this was a good deal so I tried it out. I would buy again and the taste isn't bad. Mix it with other fruit flavored pre-workouts and it can taste really good before or during a workout.

eloweiwi's Rating

Great product, i have noticed the some difference within two weeks

pfajgen's Rating

I've been taking monster amino for a month now, i was a little bit wary to try a cytosport product since i've never been truly wowed by them but this one turned out to be an exception. I used to religiously take scivation xtend, but this product has opened my eyes to see that there are other noteworthy bcaa products out there. One of my favorite things about this product, aside from the physical benefits, is that all ingredients are fully disclosed! Also, no artificial dyes and no sugar is great too! On to the physical aspect of the product- i definitely felt better throughout my workouts while using monster amino. I followed the same routine as with xtend (one scoop 10 mins prior to workout, after drinking preworkout 30 mins before) and i hands down preferred monster amino. I felt great throughout my whole workout and found that i was able to push my body longer and harder. One downside, however, was that the taste wasn't great and the mixability wasn't great either...but it's ok bc it has no sugar or dyes. I'm going to try aminolast by gaspari this month and see how it compares!

geoglush's Rating

geoglush did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 96 Reviews