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bezbear's Rating

Definitely does the job, I don't think I've ever had to go to the bathroom that many times per day. I didn't even know I had that much crap inside me... this product is intense.

casey3010's Rating

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agiegerich's Rating

This product definitely works. I took the recommended dose for the first night and it was too much for my body to handle. I could not take the second dose the second night in a row as I was having severe abdominal cramps and pains that continued on into the next day. I would recommend anyone trying this product start with 1 pill and increase from there. If you take too much the cramps can be pretty intense

beccagetsbetter's Rating

Def worked, just what I needed after feeling sluggish and bloated, started with one pill though, took about 16 hours to work. Something I will def add to my supplements weekly

Qotu79's Rating

I used this product as instructed on the bottle. It took 4 days of increasing the dosage for these pills to produce any kind of significant bowel that was noticeably heavier that my regular movements. I'm not one for laxatives and such but thought this would be a good way to kick start my clean eating campaign. No such luck. FYI, these things taste NASTY going down! Beware!

Irene805's Rating

I hate how we can't get this shipped out to CA. I really wanted to order this

popova01's Rating

I was going to order this prodact, but there is some problem with the delivery. I leave in CA, why I can not order this prodact? It says that it can not be delivered to CA. I'd like to know what's the problem is?

jrlope6x's Rating

Love this!!! My body fat was stuck and it was driving me crazy. I took 3 pills the first night and boom body fat was moving again. I was not uncomfortable or crampy. I must say I was a little embarrassed at work when my stomach (intestines) started making those embarrassing noises :) but I got over it cause I was glad the detox was working.

StrongGirlFit's Rating

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nummela21's Rating

Out of all of the individual Clutch Detox Program supplements, this is the only one that I can say worked for me. After the first night of taking it, I had a great BM in the morning. Then throughout the day my BM's became more frequent and less solid. Day 2 was even more extreme. I took a 3 day break and started again and experienced the same thing. It does what is says it will.

beartrucci00's Rating

At first I thought the product didnt work but it turned out it does work and really well, i usually take them at night and by 2 pm the next day i'm giving the toilet a tough lesson, i have tried othrr products and by far this is the one that worked for me

kpethoud's Rating

This product is great for flushing the system. I don't take it for more than a couple days in a row but when my system starts to feel clogged I take three a few hours before bedtime and two days later I feel much better. I have experienced only minor discomfort on occassion.

aaronoddie91's Rating

This product really does work. It says it clears out the bad toxins and it was spot on with that withouht the painful cramps and negative side effects. I am seeing great results from this

danispears's Rating

This is a great product. It does what it says without causing too much uncomfortable cramping. I would not recommend taking it more than 2 days in a row, 2 times per month, or else it can leave you feeling a bit fatigued. And for women, don't take it during your monthly cycle, as it tends to increase bloat. Otherwise a great product. LOVE Clutch as a brand.

beachbum5407's Rating

Really like this product! I was nervous to try it at first but it really does work!

KSX's Rating

Awesome detox, very clean, highly recommended

Janinemachine's Rating

I have used several other types of detox pills and this is the only one I will use from now on. I use a few other Clutch products and love them. The detox pills like the energy vitamins do have a smell to them but I take them with my green machine or protein shake to mask that. Water is fine for the detox pills, you get used to it and its the price you pay for using a natural product (well worth it). I suggest for most people to start out with 2 and move up in dose if you need to. I started with 2 but now take 3 since 2 ended up not being enough however I could not image taking 4! Everyone needs to find the sweet spot for their body. I get a mild amount of cramping within the first hour and then when I wake up. Never have a problem sleeping and feel my body gets rid of waste easily without causing shock to my system. I have more energy too. Clutch rocks!

Kon_Rock's Rating

Great detox, fantastic clean feeling and help with overall health! Highly recommend!

MLuksch's Rating

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1-20 of 28 Reviews