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Helps Reduce Muscle Breakdown and Support Muscle Recovery*

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Fruit Punch

gesler0811's Rating
Fruit Punch

This product delivers a nice dose of nine different Amino Acids in every serving, including about 3g of the BCAAs, but it also packs a small amount of caffeine for a nice additional kick. This results in a quality intraworkout beverage that will help you with overall training performance. I also find that taking a serving before doing cardio increased my energy level during cardio. Taking it as a PWO right before weight training didn't have quite as much of an impact on me, for starters because I'm used to more heavy duty PWOs and I don't get the sense this product was intended to compete with those products on that level anyway. But if you're a believer in the power of an energized Amino Acid beverage as an intra-workout or even pre-cardio drink, this won't disappoint. The flavor's pretty good too, even though the package says to mix with 16oz. of water. I found this to result in too much of a watered down taste, but when mixed with 12oz. water, the Fruit Punch flavor was pretty solid. The price could perhaps be a little lower, but since you're getting individual serving packets, there's a convenience factor there that perhaps is worth a few extra cents per serving. All in all, a solid product that I would recommend if you're looking for a little extra intra-workout kick.

Mar 20, 2017 |