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Helps Reduce Muscle Breakdown and Support Muscle Recovery*

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rollalong's Rating

75mg caffeine was good during middle of shifts when I was starting to drag. Kept me going which was nice. Also great for when work is too busy and I haven't eaten in a few hours. Taste is decent, not very strong which may be a turn off for some, but it definitely isn't bad. The Amino Shooter Edge has more of a punch when it comes to flavor, so that may be something future buyers may want to consider.

gesler0811's Rating

This product delivers a nice dose of nine different Amino Acids in every serving, including about 3g of the BCAAs, but it also packs a small amount of caffeine for a nice additional kick. This results in a quality intraworkout beverage that will help you with overall training performance. I also find that taking a serving before doing cardio increased my energy level during cardio. Taking it as a PWO right before weight training didn't have quite as much of an impact on me, for starters because I'm used to more heavy duty PWOs and I don't get the sense this product was intended to compete with those products on that level anyway. But if you're a believer in the power of an energized Amino Acid beverage as an intra-workout or even pre-cardio drink, this won't disappoint. The flavor's pretty good too, even though the package says to mix with 16oz. of water. I found this to result in too much of a watered down taste, but when mixed with 12oz. water, the Fruit Punch flavor was pretty solid. The price could perhaps be a little lower, but since you're getting individual serving packets, there's a convenience factor there that perhaps is worth a few extra cents per serving. All in all, a solid product that I would recommend if you're looking for a little extra intra-workout kick.

I received four sample packets to try. I tried them in as many different situations as I could. I mix my own pre-workout so I used one packet with my pre-workout. It mixed well and did well masking the flavors of the other ingredients. I used about 8 oz of water. Worked well, though not as sweet as I would have liked. The second and third packets were used in afternoon and morning as I would use my aminos when cutting. Again they mixed well. I used a little more water. Taste is good, kind of like a hard candy. The final usage was as an intra-workout. I used about 24 oz of water for this mix. This much water gave it a light taste, a little more tart than I would like, but not bad Aminos are hard to rate for effectiveness in a short term trial, they are best used over time. Taste - 8/10 Mixability - 9/10 Effectiveness - 8/10 I would recommend these Aminos, though wish the flavor was a tad sweeter. The little bit of caffeine is a nice touch but was not enough to make a huge difference to one who is not very caffeine sensitive. If you are looking for an Amino product, give this a try.

killafornia's Rating

Took this product during workouts and during my soccer games. Noticed a big difference in my muscle soreness, way less soreness than i usually get. Taste for me was ok. Taste like watered down juice. But quality of product was great.

I only got the opportunity to try these for one cycle but they made a huge difference in my workouts

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SherriLG's Rating

This product is a must have when it comes to training. I first started using it when I was cramping during my arm workouts. I started drinking this during my training sessions and the cramps disappeared. The 75mg of caffeine is just enough to help with focus during my training sessions with out giving me the jitters. I love this product and it has been a staple in my prep for my first pro show! It mixes well and the flavor is good which is one important factor to me when choosing supplements.

inkgoddess's Rating

Fabulous taste and amazing recovery! I carry these packets in my purse and my gym bag.

gstracer's Rating

This is a great product for pre workout, it gives you the convenience of a packet so you can bring it anywhere without having to have the whole tub with you. it gives great energy without the jitters, and what not better then amino's to help you build muscle and recover for workouts. its a great product for anyone looking for an edge in there performance!!!!!

Taste exactly like red cool aid. Mixed very nicely. Can't really complain about much except that I wish I had picked up the non stimulant batch instead of the one with 75g's of caffeine. It kindda interferes with your preworkout supp. Other than that, solid product.

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This stuff is fantastic. Great pre-workout booster

1-11 of 11 Reviews