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Support Burning Released Fat And Increase Cellular Energy!*

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xDredgex's Rating

Serious night-sweats since taking this (going on week #3), stacked with Super HD, no gorging, moderate exercise. 12.21.13 (3am): laying in bed I woke up drenched in sweat and could feel the bead being exuded from my skin and starting its descent down the side of my neck. Aside from the slightly increased weight of my weekly laundry (changing into a clean a-shirt almost nightly), I'm impressed with how the stack works. I was originally on Super HD by itself. Then switched after 8 weeks to CLK + additional raspberry ketones. I wasn't getting the definition HD had given me when using this stack but maintained a steady increase and decline from 133-138 depending on what I ate. WS1E should be considered definitely. My experience, currently, is probably not typical, but definitely not warranting a bad review or image of WS1E. *Edit, I'm an idiot, plain and simple. I did a bit more research after posting this (will make sure I do so PRIOR next time) and realized the night sweats are a result of a thermo effect. I'm completely relieved and will act accordingly. ....NOT GETTING OFF WS1E THOUGH. LoL

alfredresto's Rating

alfredresto did not leave a written review for this product.

Socat's Rating

Great product I lost 8lbs of weight with proper diet and excerise of course good to combine with CLA

Kaleikini1's Rating

I was looking for a non-stimulant fat burner that was effective and despite my reservations about using a non-stimulant fat burner, after 2 weeks I noticed a tremendous difference. Over the last 7 years I have lost over 200lbs though nutrition and exercise alone. I wanted to lose the stubborn fat under my skin directly above my abs. I began stacking WS1 and T7 and have begun to see ABS. I have since purchased a 3 month supply of each. I hope to see abs soon.

loriepark's Rating

Cellucor is fantastic. I don't feel shaky or hazy in any way. I would absolutely recommend this product.

slamtestchest's Rating

Lorie suggested this and i've been using it ever since. It's sweet

jayhead000's Rating

I ran this product with N-zero and had pretty good results. Tightened up quite a bit!

somers2222's Rating

I tried this product as a part of my 1st ever weight cut and saw dramatic results. I ended up losing 25 lbs in about 6 weeks by using this product along with good diet and exercise. A great value being stim-free, this product stacks extremely well with both Super HD and CLK for supercharged results. A must have when trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds!

krunkpower's Rating

krunkpower did not leave a written review for this product.

tha shredda's Rating

Did 1 bottle. It was ok (5-6). The end.

vegas1988's Rating

i recently just finished my first bottle of this and i could tell during the 30 days that i took it that it was working i was losing weight that i had been having trouble dropping much easier then before i dropped about 8 lbs in the time i was on this and i stacked it with t7 for the first two weeks then i added super hd to the stack also and they work great together i would highly recommend this to anybody and the best thing is that is is stimulant free so it can be added to any other fat burner you would like to add it to and it will easily compliment and stack you put it in but i recommend putting it with super hd and t7 for great results

strategize's Rating

Sorry Cellucor, I did not find this product to be "as advertised"...as in, I did not see any great results with this product as far as a fat burning supplement is concerned. My diet is pretty consistent and I did NOT see any real added benefit to supplementing with this product. I did't give the product a 1/10 for this reason...I did not stack the product with any of the other products that are RECOMMENDED by Cellucor...sorry but for a $60 price tag I don't feel I should have to stack it with anything to see results. Love the C4 pre-workout from Cellucor but don't have anything positive to say about the WS1 Extreme. I do not recommend it.

SFM34's Rating

I had great results with this supplement stacked with d4 and finally lost those last 7 pounds that were driving me crazy.

dansdad's Rating

This product rocks. Leanin out extremely fast. I work a crazy shift. With 24hr call. I can take this product, get a killer work out and have no trouble sleeping after. Day or night.

spurgeonrp's Rating

I am almost done with my ws1 120 cap. I do not notice any difference. I had to add animal stak fat burner to start noticing a difference

cdrex73's Rating

I stacked this with the thermal shock and C4 - all Cellucor products. I took a chance and bought into the hype because I just had to try this brand. Some observations: the WS1 and D4 thermal capsules never made me feel jittery - however - I didn't feel energized and focussed either, like the label claimed. The C4 - creatine and N.O mix, did cause a tingle feeling in my face, I felt flushed and I attribute my excess sweat to it - which only happened in the gym. I have tried other pre-work out drinks, and didn't find this one any better than a less expensive brand. I will not purchase any Cellucor products again - too pricey and didn't live up to my expectations, which were pretty high. I like to mix it up and try different brands from time to time, so far I have found success with BSN products. I am looking to try MusclePharm in the future. Conclusion: If you have the disposable income to put down on Cellucor products, you may want to try it - it may work for you. It did nothing spectacular for me. P.S. I had the C4 orange flavour and it is rather tasty.

Rljones23's Rating

This was one of my first Cellucor products to try. I got this in a kit that included the WS1,T7, & D4 Thermal Shock so i stacked them together. I did a lot of research about Cellucor and this product before making this purchase because the products were pretty expensive. I went ahead and made the purchase and I am very glad that I did! With this product I saw awesome results! I took WS1 for a month along with the products I listed above and i lost a total of 25 pounds (i worked out a lot and had a very strict diet). It is pretty simple to take this product, it is not a hassle like other supplements. I took 2 pills with breakfast and then I would take 2 pills with dinner. This was perfect for me and made it easy for me to remember. WS1 Extreme is suppose to expedite fat metabolism and boost energy production by enhancing aerobic respiration, and it did this exact thing. I would def. recommend this to anyone that is wanting to lose that stubborn body fat that you work so hard to try and lose.


its sick , its good , no stims , u can stack it whit other items , good results 10/10 def a staple for cutting

PissinxOnxRoidz's Rating

really good fat loss product whitout stims so u can take it at nigth , or whenever u want or if u get dizines from other products this is the way to go really good product good results , good profile, A MUST TRY

bicarmat's Rating

Awesomeee stuuuf ! Worse smeeel ever , because of the Omega 3's But its the reaaaal thing , Greaaat stuuuuf , i would recomend this for anyone , but of course stacking with T7 and D4 , this alone dont think it will do much work ,

1-20 of 26 Reviews