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Creatine Free Arginase Inhibitor and Pump Amplifier*

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sholford's Rating

Excellent pump, but side affects were not worth continued use. I've taken NO products in the past and have never had the shortness of breath experienced with this product. I had the same results when only using 1 pill, rather than the recommended 3. I did not experience any tingling or flushing that I've had with other products. I'd give a better rating if it weren't for the shortness of breath. I discontinued use and no longer experience this.

swoldier87's Rating

The pump after using this product was the best that I've gotten from any product I've tried in years!

jchiorello12's Rating

jchiorello12 did not leave a written review for this product.

crimebites's Rating

I have tried numerous Nitric Oxide supplements. Although this product is a bit pricy, it does a great job

WattsND's Rating

This is by far my favorite Cellucor product. I take it approximately 60 minutes prior to the start of my workout, then chase it with C4 about 10 minutes before the gym, and the combination is just lights out. My workouts are generally 50-60 minutes long, and I definitely feel a difference walking out of the gym when I'm on the NO3. The blood flow and pumps in the areas I'm working really help with the mental feeling that it was a great day at the gym.

slayfitnesspro's Rating

I am stacking this with Mr. Hyde and although I have noticed a slight change in the pump, it's not enough for me to shell out the 40 bucks again.. Not unless it takes time to activate. I'm pretty muscular so I'm sure I would have noticed if it were a big difference. I've been taking the recommended dosage of 3 capsules an hour before working out (as suggested) with Mr. Hyde.

joelbenton's Rating

joelbenton did not leave a written review for this product.

Denilo's Rating

No3 has changed my workout experience! It does exactly what it says; it's an insane pump amplifier. Easy to take and since its pill form I don't have to mix it with my pre workout or make a whole new drink. This is a must have for anyone looking for that Swole feeling!

Tyler2106's Rating

I just finished up my first tub of NO3 and absolutely loved it! I started taking NO3 when I was 12 weeks into a cut and completed the tub when I was 16 weeks into a cut. Most people will tell you achieving much, if any, of a pump during a cut is difficult to do. However, after taking NO3 I can confidently say they are wrong in that you can't achieve a legit, skin tearing pump during a cut. The biggest "con" of NO3 is that you have to take it 60-90 min prior to working out. As someone who worked out at 5:30 am having to get up at 4:30 am to take it was not ideal. Immediately upon waking I'd take NO3 and get in ~50-60g of carbs to help with the pumps. Once I got into my working sets, especially the higher rep sets, the NO3 really shined! I don't think there was a time I didn't achieve a great pump when I was using NO3. Not only were the pumps amazing, the vascularity from it was AMAZING. I had veins popping from places I've never seen veins before. Not only did NO3 increase pumps and vacularity, but it also increased gym performance. During my cut, I was able to increase my lifts each and every session while using NO3. It was the most satisfying feeling knowing you're cutting weight yet increasing strength. Overall, this was an amazing product that I HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking for pumps and performance in the gym. I loved it so much that I have 2 more tubs sitting waiting to get opened for more skin tearing pumps and performance gains! If you're contemplating this product, don't. Just buy it and thank me later :)

rbrush1's Rating

I opened the pills and poured them into my shaker. I used with some Amino energy by ON to get some caffiene. It was a leg day and the pump was unreal. its been atleast 45 minutes since i finished my workout and the pump is still with me. Cant imagine how good this would be on an upper body day.

TylerDG's Rating

TylerDG did not leave a written review for this product.

Jonesykj's Rating

I use it on leg days or when I'm tired. Works better when I don't have caffeine in the morning.

LpArtiss's Rating

I give 3 just because of the packaging ( Very nice ) Didn't feel anything except placebo. Even tried 5 pills but nothing.

holmesboy18x's Rating

This has been and will continue to be one of my staple supplements. Being that I am not a huge fan of stimulants yet still desired a skin pulsing pump I use this. Have not and will not try any other product of the sort. Absolutely love it.

Westonwalker11's Rating

This is the first stand-alone nitric oxide supplement I’ve taken. Honestly, I got a sample and wasn’t really sure what to expect. I took this product as recommended, an hour before working out and on an empty stomach. I also added a half a serving of C4 Ripped 20 minutes before my workout. I’m not sure if it was the combo of this and Ripped, or what, but it flat-out worked. I did chest, which is my longest day, and I was still pumped through my very last set. I felt stronger and less fatigued the entire workout. I don’t know that I’ll use this before every workout, but for my longer days, I’m definitely going to start consistently using NO3.

teemunee's Rating

teemunee did not leave a written review for this product.

goylakris's Rating

I take this mid day for better nutrient absorption. Great product in my opinion. Increased vascularity and seems to help my pump stay with me longer. Solid!

BasedJ's Rating

I have tried NO3 before and I got to try once more with great results. As someone who loves the extra pump in the gym, I tried the product in various ways. I tried it, stacked with C4 50X, and the pump was crazy. Not to mention the extra focus and energy from the C4. I had a great chest pump that day and it was much different than just taking C4 on its own. I also took NO3 by itself, to see the difference. I took the 3 pills right before the gym, I know you're supposed to do it anywhere between 30-90 minutes before the gym, but I broke the caps in mixed the powder in my drink. It does say that you can do this for quicker digestion! I noticed that the pumps were still powerful. Veins were popping more than ever and I felt great during this back and bi workout! I will say that this product brings awesome pumps and it doesn't matter what you are doing in the gym. Heavy short sets, or light more volume sets, you will see the pump and you will see yourself grow after every rep!

Asc14's Rating

I have tried 3 sample packs of N03 Chrome which has 3 capsules each per serving. I would take 3 capsules 30 mins. before my workout with a 10 oz. cup of water. There were no digestion issues I have experienced. Being a non-stim product there was not a big rush of energy I have had but still was able to workout without feeling exhausted and unmotivated. The strength I had during my workouts were great. I didn't feel there was a moment when I felt weak or couldn't lift at all. Still was able to lift heavy in all of my sets and exercises. The muscle pumps were tight and full. Pumps were gradually getting bigger during my workout. Did not feel depleted or weak. I was clearly able to see my veins and muscles popping out which I liked a lot.

asianman2168's Rating

First I'd like to thank Celllucor for allowing me to sample and review this product for two of my workouts! Main Ingredients: - 83mg of Vitamin C - 10mg of Calcium - 1250mg of Arginine Nitrate - 750mg of Extreme Vascularity Complex - Nitrosigine Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate - Citrulline Malate - Grape seed extract Dosing Directions: Take 3 pills approximately 60-90 minutes before your workout on an empty stomach. Pump and Vascularity: This, for me, is my first time taking a pump amplifying supplement and the results for me were amazing. I used the NO3 chrome before my back/bi and before my chest/tri workout and I have never felt more of a pump during and after my workout. From the beginning warm-ups of my workout to the very last set and even after my workout on my way home. The increased visibility in vascularity as well as new veins that were popping out was an absolute plus. Overall Review: No3... Wow! There was nothing negative that I could say about this product from how easy it was to swallow the capsules, to the results that came along with the product. I used this product an hour before a back/bi lift as well as an hour before a chest/tri lift and the results were amazing! I immediately felt a pump throughout those body parts and an increased visibility in vascularity, even a couple hours post workout I could still feel that pump and see veins popping out! The only side effect I could think of was that I wanted to continue to lift just to keep chasing that pump. An overall amazing product that I would recommend to anybody looking to intensify their pump and definitely worth the money! 10/10!

1-20 of 220 Reviews