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Tighten, Tone, & Define Muscle with Mineral Support*

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eleckttruss's Rating

be ready to pee ALL DAY!!! nice Diuretic

annab8's Rating

I have used it twice and both times saw a great difference in my body. It really helps dry you out if taken correctly. I think it does its job. I have never tried any other water loss products.

randomkokonut's Rating

I used this for my show last week. My previous show I used a different water loss method and I feel like this one worked much better. I also got a higher placing! I didn't feel like I was getting cramping at all either. I recommend it.

cmejiami's Rating

Well, I finished my first cycle and so far it has worked pretty good. I stacked with the Arnold series blueprint for cut and by the end of the first cycle I dropped 3.56 pounds, I would say it a combine loss of fat and water 'cause the combination with the Iron Cuts. Another thing, I think Cellucor should reconsider those fancy product presentations and make them more accessible $. Update 2014-01-16 I finished taking this supplement and definitely I would buy it again (Hope goes cheaper). I felt more defined and I looked different as it took all that blubbery water excess out. For those who compete I recommended it.

AlexKladder's Rating

It's a bit tough to right a solid review on this, since this is the only product of it's type that I have tried. I've gone through two cycles now and have noticed a difference in water weight (along with a very clean no carb no sodium diet), but not really what I expected. I feel like a lot of the lost water weight was just from cutting sodium at this time. But it did have a decent effect.

Kmycock's Rating

Didn't notice that much of a difference. Used for five days.

RGDOWNS88's Rating

I took L2 for my competition prep! It dried me out and made my abs pop out like crazy. It worked perfectly for what I bought it for. Most definitely will be buying again!!!

BOMMM551's Rating

i try this just to test my self on this product n is amazing war u can see my recommendation is drink lot of water before n during takin it but last 2 days drink half of war u usuly drink lets say u erin 2 gls a day before n during the first 3 days n deplete to 1 gallon 2 days before n just sips of water the day of ur event

Formann's Rating

Formann did not leave a written review for this product.

jasjjs25's Rating

Worked really well for me. Helped me shed 6 pounds. Other friends averaged a loss of 5 pounds. We were very happy with the results. Looking forward to using L2 in the future when needed!

misccolony's Rating

If you need a diuretic this is the one I always use. It has has a great diuretic blend, yet also provides mineral support which is a must even if you are taking a daily multi-vitamin. I usually shed no more than 5lbs on a 5 day cycle. People rating that this product doesnt work are either not drinking enough water ( at least 120+oz/day) or are people that it might just not work for which there is always a chance since everyone is different.

maxstark's Rating

maxstark did not leave a written review for this product.

AndiMiller's Rating

Worked good I shed about 3 lbs of waterweight

JKing4's Rating

helped me shed water before my pictures. i felt it worked very well

LisaLap's Rating

L2 worked awesome when my diet was on point. I felt thinner looked thinner and lost about 2-3 pounds of water weight it was great!

Farshy's Rating

This is a good supplement, gets your busy cut!

krackman's Rating

This is good stuff I can tell when I use it or when I don't u can c and feel the difference.

Khalidkarat's Rating

Tried it last month for 5 days good result

workhard9's Rating

This is a fantastic diuretic. Effectiveness: 10/10 - I had a free, 5 day sample of this product and there was an extremely noticeable difference within those five days. All excess water weight was expelled from my body and my muscles looked drier than ever. Side Effects: None. Maybe on my kidneys (just because the product is a diuretic), but there were no side effects felt or noticed.

GrimTheDTackle's Rating

GrimTheDTackle did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 37 Reviews