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Supports Lean Mass and Strength Gains and Decreases Training Induced Muscle Soreness*

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Aramirezjr's Rating

Excellent line of BCAAs that do not have that artificial taste. I have been using 2 scoops with 1/2 gallon of water and for me it tastes perfect and lasts entire workout. The flavoring is on point and does not leave you with that artificial taste after every sip. Again, Cellucor line's have top notch flavoring that you cannot go wrong with. Fruit punch is my favorite and listed the others in the order that I preferred them. Worked well for me as not only intraworkout, but since I purchased so many during a sale, substituted them for the usually packets of Crystal Lite.

carlypisarri's Rating

The fruit punch is my favorite by far w lemon lime in second. Fruit punch has a less chemical taste and doesn't leave me 'thirsty' like the lemon lime. Both are great as intra work out drinks and always keep them on hand - training and non training days. Been in my stack for a while.

qasim9780's Rating

Good flavor -- the old version was the best ,don't know the price is still the same since they have removed HICA and L Citrulline , I rate it 7 coz the results are not same anymore and it's expensive .

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msevans's Rating

Bought this product to add in to my supplement regimen. I tend to use it more on weight days and save the alpha aminos for cardio based days. Taste is pretty good, tho I'm not a big fan of having a sweet drink if I take it intra workout. Ease of use, helps with recovery. Def recommend it

hannanicole10's Rating

Best stuff ever. Makes me feel so refreshed during and after a workout. Even on non-training days, I have started to crave it and the way it makes me feel so revitalized. The watermelon flavor is totally amazing

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The COR-Performance beta-BCAA is top of the line. Its exaclt what it says it is and helps the muscles repair themselves at increased rates. Helped me pump out more reps and definitely increased my muscle endurance. Also greatly reduced DOMS. The watermelon flavour tasted great and was perfectly mixed with Cellucors C4. The only downfall was that it became a little too sweet for me so I had to mix in a lot more water which isnt necessarily a bad thing, but had me a little bloated at the beginning of my workout. All in all a great product. The price is on the higher side but well worth it is your looking for a quality BCAA supplement. Definitely recommend it!

jayblack41088's Rating

Personally, these are my favorite aminos I have taken. I took 2 scoops at LA Fitness the first started back going then switched to scivation because it's cheaper now back to this! I love the 3:1:1 ratio. of aminos and soreness is at a minimum after an intense session. Highly recommend this product

Just a little heads up, it's "salty" or "tangy" as hell. At first, it seems it hits you hard, but after some use it starts to become one of the best flavours you have ever tasted. The citrulline malate is irrelevant, as 6-8g is needed to make a difference. The HICA is pretty much the same as L-Leucine, so the removal of both of those is not a big deal. I love this product for it's Amino matrix mixed with the Beta-alanine (also it tastes amazing), but 2 scoops is needed for the full effects to take place, which can make this product pretty expensive.

olivercirino's Rating

I would like to Know what happened with CITRULLINE and HICA? Ohhh guys you are selling a product different from the Ad. It used to have those ingredients in there, and when i recently bought 3 bottle of this, when i first took a look i knew it that was missing something in the bottle label. It's not the same product that used to be. I was cheated, and won't buy again any cellucor product.

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Great product! My workout is pretty intense and using this product made it seem a whole lot easier. I'd highly recommend it!

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