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I take this in the morning before fasted cardio to really amplify fat loss. It doesn't make me feel jittery, but I can tell I'm moving a lot faster. And that isn't easy for me to do!

Great product! I have tried several fat burners and Inciner-8 gives me nice clean energy without the iver-stimmed/shakey/heart going to jump out of your chest/cracked out feeling. Love this stuff!

amandanowak's Rating

Loving this fat burner! I'm usually sensitive to these type of products and these have been great! Would def recommend along w a healthy diet

This is one of my go-to fat burners. Inciner-8 has effective ingredients that don't have the side effects I hear people complain about. I don't regularly use fat-burners, but when I do's Inciner-8 gets the job done for me. I highly recommend this product and encourage people to give this fat burner a try if they use them. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

I didn't notice any results that I couldn't have gotten from training harder and eating better. The caffeine in this product gave me a boost and I got some appetite suppression but that's it. There are better fat burners out there but nothing replaces diet and exercise.

I got a free sample and have been using this product for the last 3 weeks. Regretfully, this product has done nothing for me. I have actually gained 4 pounds in the last month, while using the same strict 1600 calorie meal plan and Two on/ One Off workout schedule I always use. ENERGY: 1/10 Thermogenesis: 1/10 FOCUS: 1/10 Appetite Suppression: 3/10 OVERALL: 1 / 10

bohenrique's Rating

One of the best stim-free fat burners out there! It is not 100% stim free, but it is pretty low on stims, but still works great for fat burning and gives you a good sweat. I always use it after my shows when I start cutting on stims :)

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adaminthebigd's Rating

I love this product! I feel like I really get a lot of bang for my buck. It helps give me energy to get thru my day and I can tell whenever I take it I do loose fat. For a house brand product I was very pleasantly surprised how well it worked.

gclausen55's Rating

I like to use Inciner-8 during my cutting stage leading up to competitions. It gives me added energy and reduces my appetite so I can see the body fat burning off and lean muscle staying on!

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This product works great. Lost a lot of weight right off the bat. I have cycled on and off this since.

Good fat burner. Doesn't make me jittery or sick when I take it. Good mix of thermogenic, and lipogenic ingredients.

So far so good. I noticed and increase in focus and energy. Definite appetite suppression, however, (for those of you saying it doesn't) when it's time to's time to eat. I just don't get mid meal cravings. I skipped lunch one day due to busy schedule. That day I felt extremely lightheaded. So don't skip...just make a good choice. I also decreased my coffee due to the added caffeine in the product. Stay tuned!

Didn't curb my hunger as much as I wished it did. It did burn fat though, which is always good.

I've used this product for 2 weeks now. Makes me hungry all day. No fat burn at all. Exercise 7-8 times a week, 1.5 to 2.5 hrs per day with 30-60 minutes cardio and 30-60 minutes weight training. I do loose pounds, but not from using this product. Wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this...waisted my money. Does provide a little energy. Notice some women wrote that it works for them. It doesn't seems to work for men, I guess.

After 4 months using this product, I've seen absolutely no fat loss. My diet and exceed use regimen has remained the same throughout.

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very good product, didnt get massive swings in energy (no crash). very noticeable fat loss. with that being said my diet and cardio were spot on, but i attribute some of the fat loss to this product

ENERGY: 8/10 Thermogenesis: 8/10 FOCUS: 8/10 Appetite Suppression: 8/10 Side-Effects: 10/10 OVERALL: 8.4 / 10

This product was one the top 5 Thermo/Fat burner type products I have used. I used this first thing in the morning prior to breakfast and mid afternoon generally. Nice pick up of energy, appetite suppression was noticeable and no crash or jitters. I was a little concerned about getting an upset stomach from taking this on an empty stomach but never happened.

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Love this product! I'm sensitive to stimulants and this did not make me feel jittery at all! But certainly boots my energy level!!

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