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With Antioxidants and Herbal Extracts to Support Performance and Vitality*

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I've never used this product but this thing is a total sham, using two forms for each vitamin so you don't know which amount you get from each form when one form is superior to the other and one other thing that annoys me is how they added Dibencoside in this pill, they didn't add any. Dibencoside is extremely light, oxygen, and heat sensitive, you have to keep it in dark pills in a very dark room that they use to hang those wet photographs, and also keep it in airtight non transparent capsules in special freezers, if those conditions are not met Dibencoside gets converted into plain old vitamin B12 in a heartbeat I just don't appreciate the lies that went into this product. Also for amino acids, unless in whole protein, singular amino acids compete with some other aminos for digestion like lysine does with arginine and ornithine. Next time give me a product worth my time without any "dazzles" or don't waste my time

Super affordable product with an awesome dosage of everything you would need in a multivitamin!

rodrigohergert's Rating

I´ve never seen seen/taken a multivitaminic like this one. Great ingredients and what a such concentration.

Yes, I can say this is the product which I am looking, it encompasses every aspect of vitamins in our body, highly recommended

good product and cheaper than other brand.

I've been using this multivitamin product for a long time. These days, whenever I go to the doctor, my vitamin levels are always good, so I can tell the product is doing its job. Very dependable!

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I've been using this multi vitamin for about 3 years and I would recommend it. I just recently bought my wife the woman version. Great product

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This is the first multi-vitamin I've ever taken so I'm not sure whether or not it's helping. The only difference I noticed at first was my urine was a bright greenish yellow color but after 3 weeks, I no longer have that issue. Great price for 100 servings.

This is a solid multivitamin with a great profile of nutrients, and at the price they are selling it for, it is a wonderful deal. Taking a good multi is extremely important and you really cannot go wrong here.

Great combination of vitamins and minerals to start your day off the right way. You def get the most bang for you buck with the product, just look at the dosages!

This product is very nice and meets and exceeds the requirement, this is the second time have purchased this item.

Amazing quality! I can feel the vitamin take effect just minutes after consumption. These definitely need to be taken with food due to the Betaine HCl content, otherwise you'll get a little nauseous, but they are of high absorption and the proprietary blends are just what I needed. Best vitamins I've probably ever purchased. My body feels fantastic!

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A great overall supply of all key vitamins and minerals essential for a heathy life both in and out of the gym. No added nonsense and a brand I stand behind 100%.

its a quality product haven't ran into any problems with it so far. I take it myself and would definitely recommend it to my clients.

Hard to tell a difference between multivitamins - some of these reviews are a little funny. I trust the label, this has a solid dose of the ingredients when compared to other brands, and only a fraction of the cost. These should always be taken WITH FOOD, especially fats, to get the most out of it. If you take fish oil, taking a dose with the multi is a great idea.

I love all the BBcom foundation series products!! whenever i am out of Multi Vitamin then the BBcom foundation series multi is my go to product. 200 capsules which is 100 servings for $16 is very very inexpensive. And iam very impressed with the ingredients, theres lots of " extras " that most generic multi's will not have in them. just give it a go!!

Excellent Vitamin for serious athletes! Make sure you take it with food. You know you have the super powers when you pee neon.

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Very good vitamin! I noticed my eyesight would go HD within the hour of taking. I had more energy throughout the day and it really helped settle all of my vitamin deficiencies. However, I did get nauseous a few times when I took them with green tea

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