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Great when stacked with CLA. There's definitely a noticeable difference in my body the day of. Can't really say much because it's the only L-carnitine brand I've took.

I have been taking this for about three weeks now, two capsules 2x a day and haven't seen any changes. I've been stacking it with the green tea extract and CLA, as suggested by the site, but haven't experienced any changes. Paired with a workout regimen and good diet, I still don't see/feel any results.

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I'm using this product to help stay lean in this off season...i take 2 pill 2x per day and so far...its helping!

Helps accelerate fat loss!!

Helps convert and exert stored body fat as energy.

I recently used this product for my last st of photoshoots and video shoots and I discovered a myriad of benefits! First and foremost, I used it to reduce bodyfat after I did everything I could with my training and diet program. However, I also feel like it helped bolster my immune system and cognitive abilities! Overall, I was very pleased and plan on using this supplement for much mope than simply reducing bodyfat! Give this product a try!

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I love L-Carnitine. This amino acid is great for helping to support fat oxidation (burning) for energy. Great for helping with fat loss and energy production. The nice thing about Carnitine is that it isn't a stimulant so you can take it everyday and not worry about some of the side affects of over use like you get with stimulant fat burners.

This was my first time trying L-carnitine. It is working and I am leaning out but it can make me a little jittery if taken on an empty stomach, but the effects are not dramatic enough to make to not want to take it.

Excellent product. I take one with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It helps me sweat a lot more and I've lost weight without even changing my diet much.

I believe it is helping shed more body in my journey. I don't know if I'm suppose to feel anything from taking them, but i do notice big changes in my Abs and waist area. I have been putting in serious work in the gym these last 10 weeks, but i continue to take the product. I take 3 a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) It could be my hard work thats being put in and this product together. I don't feel, jitters or anything or extra energy when taking them. Either way I think its helping, I will continue with this product.

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it is working on me, I am using it over 1 month

I have been using this product for 6 months now and I love it. I have gone through a "bulk" adding in calories while still taking this product and have gained purely muscle. I definitely lend the success of that to this amazing product! Can't live without it.

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Use 3 times a day after major meals. I can see that I'm getting leaner and losing fat. So I do believe this product does what it says it will do. Recommend to anyone. Love when the sales come out and stock up.

I have a very sensitive stomach and this product treats my insides well. I never have any issues and it works the best for me!

I've added this to my daily routine along with my wife and feel it has been a major contributor to leaning up. I only take one pill every morning and I believe it's been effective for us both. It will continue as a daily routine for me.

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I liked this product mostly because of its convenience. It's not in powder form no smell or favor to the capsule. Easy. Lost about ten pounds in a month adding this in to my usual supplements. Will be purchasing again. Highly suggest, especially for the great price.

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