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Great when stacked with L-carinitine. There's definitely a noticeable difference in my body the day of. Can't really say much because it's the only CLA brand I've took.

I have been taking this for about three weeks now and haven't seen any changes. I've been stacking it with the green tea extract and L-Carnitine, as suggested by the site, but haven't experienced any changes. Paired with a workout regimen and good diet, I still don't see/feel any results.

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Please, how could I find the expiry date?

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I tried,doesn't work at all for me. May be it works for you.

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To all my friends I have bought this product and I cannot beat the price it turned out to be great because I paid for one price and got the second one free I've been taking it for quite a while but I don't see any change yet so maybe when I take the 2nd bottle maybe I get to see a lot more if not that means I need stronger CLA buy something you want actually to work for you maybe a waste of money in the end

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CLA is a great supplement to add to your program. Healthy fats are important to overall health, plus CLA has been shown to help your body use stored fat as energy.

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CLA supplementation has been researched to show an increase in metabolic rate which can improve your body fat % and also a decrease in fat deposition. I would advise to add this to your supplement arsenal

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It seems to be a great product. No taste in pill form, and take it with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I feel like it's working and helping me lose weight and doing what it's supposed to do. I would highly recommend this product and you can't beat the price.

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It's CLA - plain and simple! I use this 2-3 times per day to aid in overall health and fat loss. I used it during my last cut, and I think it worked wonderfully! You can check out my progress pictures in my profile to see the impacts! Obviously, I was following a cutting diet and training program, but CLA is one of the supplements I used to help burn that stubborn bodyfat! I highly recommend giving it a try!

good diet, good training and this product mixed with some other worked perfect for me, actually is still working perfect for me, my summer body is rocking right now.

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I hit a plateau in my weight loss program, and once I added CLA I started to lose weight again.

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Cost effective and a good aid to a well balanced nutrition​ attack.

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I've only tried two brands of CLA but I prefer this one to the first one I tried. It's extremely effective when taken in addition to an exercise regimen; I usually only use it for about 60 days and take 3-4 weeks off so as not to overuse it, and I find that I'm a lot leaner when I'm using it, all else being equal.

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May be a good product (I will never know), but I bought 3 of these at same time. Went to open second jar today (expiration of 3/16) and it was fuzzy, moldy yuckness. Threw out and opened third jar, same thing...same expiration date. One was in my garage, one was in my kitchen. No bueno. Not taking a chance again.

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