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Cinnamon Bun
Cookies & Cream

WillC49's Rating
Cinnamon Bun

I like this protein. I did rate it at a 7 but that is due to how it mixes. Worse than any casein I've ever had. So let's go with the PROS: Taste is great, thought it would get old but it's a good before bed snack dessert and also works as a good breakfast protein when I don't lift and running behind. The price is what first attracted me to this product so that is a huge plus. Even while adding this to my diet (1 scoop at night) I've still been able to lose excess weight while still achieving strength gains. CON: only 1. Mixes horribly. You can't just dump in the scoop. I've tried a lot with this powder and it just doesn't mix good. Only reason I docked it points. That all being said I will buy again if the price is right.

May 19, 2017 |