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hrhim did not leave a written review for this product.

Black medium T-shirt soon please my hubby and I love them...

ayankeefan51's Rating

Black is slimming and I love this t-shirt in the black so much I wanted to buy two more since I wore out my only tee.

When are you getting more shirts in? You've been out forever.

Very comfortable shirt and true to size. I bought several and I very much enjoy them!

I'm 5'8 147. Medium fits pretty good. The fabric feels nice too.

Charliesandvick's Rating

This is the most comfortable shirt in the entire world. Wish they had more smalls though.

I based my purchase of this by the reviews, was a bit skeptical but I went for it. Take my word for it, purchase your size, and I bet ya, you won't regret it 10/10

Very comfortable shirt love wearing it to workout!!!

I love this shirt and I want to buy another one because it is very comfortable during exercise.

Fits so comfortably and love the simple style and design

My son and I like these shirts so much; we just ordered several more. They are so soft! True to size. GREAT price - what's not to like?!!!

Perfect gym or athletic practice shirt. Price is unbelievably reasonable. I stock up every few months.

Very comfortable shirt, great fit. Went one size up because I read they were a bit small and very happy with it.

The feeling is great and good way to move around when working out.

glarson17 did not leave a written review for this product.

Reasonable price and comfortable shirt. My shirts are some of the most comfy t shirts I own. Totally worth it.

Nice comfortable shirt. Fits great.

I bought five of these shirts last week and boy am I happy I did. These shirts for great and breath like Egyptian Cotton. My only piece of advice is to very very careful with how you dry these. I suggest you hang dry these shirts or dry them with low heat. Other than that, these shirts are great to wear to the gym or out and about.

Marcle09 did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 84 Reviews