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Seamless Construction, Lightweight Fabric, & Racerback Spaghetti Straps!

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Please make more. I am in love with this sports bra. I want them in all colors. It's great for showing off your back gains. Plus it's so incredibly comfortable. I got a Large (34D, 5'6", 158lbs)

Had no idea what size to buy, as usual. I am 32D/34C 5'7" 125. I fit the XS/S size. Fits ok, I am pretty long everywhere and it rides up a bit. Out of the bag it looks like the bra would fit a 7 year old, but it stretches a lot. Straps dig a little. I wish there was a S/M option. For the price it is good!

This is the most comfortable sports bra ever! I absolutely love it! It looks and feels great, can't wait to order more! This bra goes great with the tanks!

Fit perfectly, nice quality for the price, sexy cut and good support ( I'm an extra small size)

Wow, this is the most comfortable sports bra I've ever had! I like the minimalist design. I think it's great for low and medium-impact, not something like running, but as you can see, I don't need a lot of support. Big busted women probably would not like this. Range of motion is awesome. Material is soft, snag-free, stretchy enough. Would DEFINITELY buy again.

I love this bra top! I was a little hesitant at first after reading the reviews as to what size to order it in. So as any girl would do, I ordered it in both a small and a medium. LOL I love them both. Normally, I wear a size medium and I can say it's pretty true to size; I needed the medium. It looks real tiny, but stretches and fits like a glove. I really love the tiny straps on it and it fits great under my tank top for the gym. I ended up getting it in pink and gray. I am waiting for it to come in in ocean blue. I would definitely give it a try, can't beat the price either and it washes well.

I first got this bra at one of the fitness expos and wondered how it was going to fit because it looked as if it belonged to a 5 year old. They are VERY tiny, but stretch a lot. I don't have large breasts or implants, but I've found that the bra looks a lot better on women who have enhancements. For workout purposes I wear 2 of them together. The straps are cute, but very thin and not supportive at all, especially if you are doing high impact ploymetrics or agility movements. If you double up the bras they offer great support. The other draw back is that the thin straps irritate my shoulders at times, but it's an even trade off. The best part is that these bras are prefect for running with your phone because they way they squish your boobs together allows your phone to sit perfectly in your bra as you run with out moving. :-) These bras also work well with a strapless bra underneath, as they look seamless and pair well with any of the off-the-shoulder shirts. My best advice would be to buy these bras in pairs!

One of my favorite sports bras. It stretches and fits like a glove to almost any body. Its light weight keeps you cool while working out.

The bra is super comfortable and seems to be well-made. Like many bras of this style, you do get some nipple show through occasionally. It is true to size.

I ordered one of these and then ordered another one. I bought a medium and a large. My chest size is 33-34 inches. It runs a little small, so depending on how tight you like things, I would take that into consideration before size. I preferred the larger one because comfort goes a LONG way in a workout. Great product! --- Teri LaFaye

I still have no idea what size sports bras to buy but I bought 2 of these in medium and I'm not very big in the chest and it might fit perfect or be just a tad too small. Either way....they are very comfortable and I've worn them to work lately because bras suck and aren't nearly as comfortable as these. ;) oh...I'm sure a large would work fine on me but I didn't want to risk returning these to have the large not work :) the skinny Y strap in the back rocks!

So comfy! Provides exceptional support and moisture wicking. I bought a couple

I love this bra! The back of this bra is what sold me. From bench press to overhead squats, it doesn't pinch or bunch around my shoulders. In fact most times I don't even notice the strap that runs in the middle of my back. Is perfect for workouts that involve a variety of movements. Is fine for running for me, but bigger chested ladies might need more support.

I can honestly say that this is my favorite sports bra in my drawer. It is the first sports bra that I can actually pull up and off without a struggle or hearing a stitch rip.. It stretches so perfectly to size and is so soft. I will most definitely be buying a few more in the future.

I have mixed feeling on this sports bra. The first couple of times I wore it I did running on the treadmill, well needless to say, it rode up and when I went to do my strength training it was rather embarrassing. I also do not like that the material is rather sheer so nipples are sometimes visible, not a classy look. I'm starting to get used to it now though and avoiding these situations. I got it on sale so I can't complain too much.

The service and product is great- but why I have it a 7 was because the strap in the back is not comfortable if you are building muscle. It digs into you neck and when I losen it, it becomes awkward and the support isn't there. It is a very soft material and that was awesome. I just prefer the razorback setup.

Love the color! Really comfortable!

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