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indianasteed's Rating

I love these shirts, full disclosure, I own several. I like that they are mostly cotton while still stretching and have a great feel to them. My biggest issue is just that they seem to spot easily and don't hold up like I would want them to. My son spit up on one the first time I wore it and stained it permanently; something that doesn't happen to my other shirts. Other than that, they are great shirts that I would buy again.

nodromo's Rating

Good quality shirt. I liked the material it was made out of and the fit was great as well.

davelange7's Rating

I now have 9 of them, I wear them daily in my at home gym workout. 1 Black, 3 Charcoal, 3 Ocean, 2Chilli Pepper. All are great but each color fits a little different. I am ready for another Chili Pepper but it is not available in my size (XL). Wonder when it will be back?

wnaskor's Rating

wnaskor did not leave a written review for this product.

entonzani's Rating

Greate ... very nice .. very comfortable

alanroberts1969's Rating

These shirts really are the best for working out, but also for wearing around. They are cut perfectly and feel great!

scfos316's Rating

I am 6'5" 205 lbs the large fit me perfect and it is very nice shirt for the money. I like the cotton blend with the spandex. I would consider myself more lean muscle.

g3skins's Rating

This is a very nice shirt. Fits well, feels great, is an oddly stretchy material, and feels high quality. Now to the bad parts. First, it is very thick so don't plan on working out with this on unless you are in a well cooled gym (or other area). Second, if you pull on the shirt to wipe your sweat or get some air in the shirt it stretches out in the place you grabbed it. A nice shirt, just too thick for me to wear to the gym anymore during the summer. Also, I am 6' 1" 170 lb and my medium fits perfectly.

cheeverkris's Rating

This shirt is great beside the fact that it is way too long. I am sending back to get a smaller size.

cstorer36's Rating

fit and fabric are great, but sizing is way off from other shirts. i own two others - both large - and they fit great. this one, not so much. either i need to put on about 15 pounds of muscle (god-willing), or just give this away to the incredible hulk. wish i had gotten a medium... or a small? yea, this shirt is just that big. UPDATE: 7/10/14 in addition to my review, i contacted customer support, who was extremely responsive, friendly and helpful. i updated my review to a 9 to factor in's customer support. zappos-esque. secondly, about the t. it's starting to fit better, which may to do with me, but also because it's been washed a gazillion times, but the t definitely seems to be fitting better. to that point, it has ridiculous longevity. as i mentioned previously, the fabric is incredible. i'd upgrade it to a 7,

humbertome's Rating

The size come one. I bought Large size and its looks like XXL.

musclegab's Rating

Flexible and fit correctly. would have liked shorter sleeve

bhardegree's Rating

Great shirt- flexible and breathable fabric to keep cool during my workouts. Fit is big, so may way to drop a size. Plus gives me bragging rights- when your name begins with B, you can convince people it is a custom made shirt for you...

Cedanco's Rating

Just got my package today and it wasn't good.. I don't know what its called but it had like chipped cloth on it so its like faded/stained on some parts.. stay away from this.

GetBigShaun's Rating

The fit was awful, way bigger than i thought. Might aswell have been wearing a bin bag. Hated the texture.

Mesh17's Rating

great shirt!!! my only complaint, I have a very big chest so it itches by the neck line a little bit. but other then that I love it!!!!

PrestonLewis's Rating

Seriously one of my favorite workout shirts to rock at the gym. Has wicking but also still feels like a nice cotton t-shirt. LOVE!

ammaraljuborinm's Rating

This is a very thin t shirt with high price . its threads can be easily damaged .

Schimmle's Rating

The fit was spot on. I noticed that different sizes were needed with the different kinds of shirts ordered. No complaint what so ever.

ChaseChaseChase's Rating

Nice lightweight fabric, but it wrinkles easily around the waist. Not crazy about the light blue emblem either. Not very masculine. It is better for someone who has a totally flat stomach, because the fabric can stick to your skin in all of the wrong places. If you aren't in tip-top shape, you might consider the t-shirts. I am.

1-20 of 23 Reviews