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The Original Gold's Gym T-Shirt Designed By Ric Drasin In 1973!

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Poor quality okay to wear it once or maybe twice I guess okay for the price.

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hrhim did not leave a written review for this product.

Very nice T-shirt for 9 bucks. I have a golds gym merchandise T-shirt also and I must say I like the slot better. Fits good and made of good material. Will also be ordering the black T-shirt soon. Don't hesitate to buy. Awesome deal

Love me some Gold Venice and with that I love this T from

Great shirt great fit good quality. I'm gonna grab a black one too!!!

raymond26170's Rating

Very comfortable shirt. Keeps the sweat off the bench.

Amazing placed my order monday evening paid £1.99 postage came day after kept me informed 10-10 would highly reccomend

Great soft shirt. True to size

XXL was tight around arms and chest out of the package, after a wash it was a lot tighter. Especially in the armpits.

Cool classic looking shirt, be careful and order the correct size as the shirt will shrink up!

the t-shirt fits well, nice logo and good quality.

I love the t- shirt but I would prefer it without the logo in the back.

:( the fabric is the lowest quality you can imagine, the picture is terrible, pungent odor of paint appears as soon open the package. Did not wear it at all, the shirt went straight to the trash can where it belongs. If you have any respect for yourself, you don't want to buy that product.

For a few month...poor quality

Fits great, made of soft material, classic design all at a great price. I'll be ordering one of these with my monthly reorder. Great product!!

RichRam0331's Rating

Fits great, bought a large for a loose fit but gained some mass and still fits great

Bought this shirt a year ago and was very happy with it. It got old and faded so decided to buy a new one. This one was a different brand of T-Shirt and it had a horrible fit. After one wash it lost its shape, and haven't worn it since. Use it as a rag to dry my protein bottle shakers now.

JeanCarloAmaral's Rating

JeanCarloAmaral did not leave a written review for this product.

TheDeepSouth's Rating

Shirt exactly as pictured. Made of a sturdy weight of 100 percent cotton. I weigh 175 lbs and have a 45 inch chest and average delts and biceps. The large fit great. The price was great. I would recommend this shirt. Also it has a small logo on the upper center back that I don't think is mentioned. I don't mind since I always get great service from here but I figured I'd let y'all know.

I like the shirt a lot but the collar of it was too big. It looks weird

1-20 of 25 Reviews