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It's alright. Chose it because was out of every other free gift. My husband quickly stole it from me and likes it more than I do.

I just received this shirt and washed it before wearing. It fits great and feels very soft.

It really looks good, fits well and gives a shape to the body. A bit expensive comparing to other shirts you could get from hyper markets but it looks really good. I received it as a gift and loved it. I will definitely buy new ones later.

I ordered this shirt but I did not get the design in the back or sleeve why?

Why is the largest size an XL? I'm 6'8 and there's no way an XL will fit me in length.....

Love this tee shirt but fades after a couple of months of wearing and washing it, it fades real bad, I've grown a lot and the xl is far too small and skin tight, I'm sick to death of asking them to get a size xxl in and they never listen, what I don't understand is it's suppose to be for bodybuilders not skinny small average people, so why the stupid small sizes like me, like, xl!!! Get some xxl and xxxl sizes in!!! And navy blue colour in xxl, apart from that it's my favourite tee shirt by far!!

Great shirts, but they're never in stock for all sizes. I wear a small and I agree with makazmi. Not ordering product and then getting a free shirt in a size I don't want.

I am not going to order unless I get my XL or Large free T-Shirt, whenever I try they are out of stock.

These shirts are great, love the material, perfect for working out. But, like others have said, why are they CONSTANTLY out of Larges and Extra Larges!? This is a bodybuilding website... let's use some common sense; how many of us have size 38 and 40 chests? Hardly any. If we're on here, it's because we're serious about lifting, not people who hit the gym once every two weeks. Stock a LOT more Larges and Extra Larges because that is what 85% of your market wears. It's free advertising for you guys if we wear your stuff at the gym... but we can't if it's a Medium that's going to look ridiculous on us.

I want more of these, when will they be available again?​

I love these shirts for working out but I TOTALLY AGREE with oneshotatlife. I am so tired of getting ready for an order and the shirts are out of stock. They are pretty much the only free gift worth getting IMO. Also, why did they get rid of the white in the free gift section? I am sick and tired of black t-shirts. However, the grey is nice but those are starting to get old too. Bring back the white shirts PLEASE, in all sizes!!!

So much for a free gift... Only one color and only in size S and M. Why not just take it off your free gift list. I hate it when I'm tempted by what looks like a carrot on a stick only to realize it's a turd painted orange.

These used to be 4.99 and were way more durable .. Fabric was stretchier, softer and fit just perfect, now they want to charge 10$ for this shirt?!? Now u wash them and dry them and they shrink , not to mention the sizing comes out all f*cked up cause theyre using cheaper material, M Medium in my most recent order was either way too tight (fit like a slim m or even small) or fits like a large . If youre going to charge 10$ atleast bring back the old material not this sorry *** cheap sh*t you guys are using now

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Great everyday shirt in and outside the gym. I recommend you to buy more then one. Runs very fitted.

The classic bbcom tee that everyone must have. The material to this shirt is extra soft and fitting and really shows off your muscle

sleeves are super tight. guys with 17" arms will have problems wearing this shirt.

fits like a glove, excellent fabric, very good value for money.

I got this free for purchase and my boyfriend loves it. It has actually caused me to buy more bbcom shirts! He is slim with a long torso and the L fits great. I would size up, cause it is semi- fitted. He is 165 5'8 and L fits him perfect.

1-20 of 196 Reviews