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Love this shaker, perfect size for two scoops of protein, easy to clean, and I always get perfect consistency. Much quieter with the honey comb instead of a metal spring. Definitely considering getting a second for the wife.

So bad

Perfect small shaker, no leaks, no odors, easy to clean and I received as a gift. However, I use it as a secondary shaker, can't fit all the needs for everybody. Quality is high.

I found out that if you turn it upside down and shake it like maracas it works without powder getting stuck in the top btw be sure to mix a half scoop at a time unless pre workout the full scoop if fine.

I was impressed by this shaker. The sift-like thing connected to the cap provides an interesting alternative to the traditional blender ball. It mixes well, but unfortunately a decent portion of my shake gets stuck in the holes and thus I can't drink all of it. Likewise, to get the last of the shake, I need to unscrew the cap and take the top off. So overall it is a bit of a hassle, but mixes VERY WELL. I'm glad I got it for free - would not buy, but makes a cool gift. I still prefer my normal Blender Bottle.

Worst shaker bottle ever . No matter how much I utilize it it doesn't seem to be working. I add my powder and fluid and shake . It seems to disolve not as much as a normal shaker with the metal ball in it and too get the last gulp I have to take the whole top off . Glad this came as a freebie cause I would be angry to have paid for it .

Just a shaker. It's small. One thing I look for in shakers is the hook to hold on. But it was free. So I'm ok with it! Lol Thanks!

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Excellent shaker.Easy to use.Mixes protein powder well.

very good basic cup that does the job, nothing more , nothing less. good a mixing and great size for training.

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Got it from the promotion. Works great! No spills, and easy to use!

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I use it with my cyto greens & protein powder but is small I drink water during workout using quart bottle after consuming shake need to have Two containers if I use this bottle

This is my first ever shaker I've owned and I can't believe I went so long without one! I love the fact that there isn't some springy ball floating around in it; the smart shaker technology is super cool. The size is genius too. It's not overly big with tons of wasted space. It's completely perfect for a quick single serving. I love throwing my powder in and tossing the shaker in my lunch or gym bag and adding water when I'm ready. The smart shaker grate breaks up any clumps that might be lurking and the shaker has been leak proof for me so far. Things that leak are a definite "no" for me. This awesome shaker has made impulse eating a thing of the past because it's even easier to grab this!

Works great- doesn't leak and not too hard to open. Wish it were larger.

Ok, blends well but the top isnt the most secure. I like it for FREE! :)

It works like a shaker should, no leaks and washes up well. No issues here.

It seals tight and handles hot washes but it doesn't show single, half, and quarter ounces...

1-20 of 60 Reviews