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InfinityTimes's Rating

very nice compact shaker. after ~90 uses started to leak a bit. once it fell on the floor and bottom wall now has a crack - luckily now still holds tight there. As a free gift it worth.

calicampbell22's Rating

Great little shaker! I've read some reviews about it not coming with the metal ball to mix the powder. It doesn't come with it because the lid is the mixer. I'm giving it a 9 instead of a 10 rating because the lid flap doesn't click shut, which I like to have since I have a toddler that can open it without the tight click shut option. Sometimes you're running around trying to get lunch made and your child is curious. Good thing she knows it's "Mama's bottle" and not to drink from it.

It's a good size bottle but mine didn't come with the little ball that mixes the stuff so I ended up using it as a water bottle

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I received this product free as part of my order. The bottle is a nice compact size but it leaks all over the top. I tried to adjust to top many time thinking user error but it seems like there is not tight fit.

Just a small good shaker ! :D

I love these cups. They are the perfect size, especially for preworkouts.

Good protein shaker. Only drawbacks are the cap, which is unbelievably tight, and no coloration on the measurements, making it harder to see in low light.

Awesome shaker. Small but perfect size for any whey shake :)

1-9 of 9 Reviews