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Received this as my free gift and it leaks out the lid, would not recommend. First time I've had a bad shaker from the site.

This bottle does nothing but leak when you shake it and drink from it. Save your 4-8 dollars whatever they try selling it for.

Works Great. Sometimes Opens up in the bag, be careful

I love the design and size of this bottle. The cap does not snap easily and fluid tends to leak from the cap while drinking from the bottle. Since I received a black bottle, measuring can be a challenge with this bottle as well, unless you place the bottle under light. I would recommend making the measuring portion of the plastic clear.

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Not sure why this got such a bad review, I tried it because those new balls that go in the blender bottles tend to get caught on each other in my dishwasher. Its like it says a good shaker bottle! I don't think those blender bottles give a huge edge anyway, the screens at the ends are just as good in my opinion.

Don't buy. Cheap. Leaks all the time at the top. Can't shake with out it leaking.

i mean its free .... but when u shake your drinks every just just leaks out of it ....its almost worthless

This is the worst shaker bottle I've ever used. The lid leaks, so you can't mix up your shake or drink from it. Please stop offering this product - free or otherwise.

Bottle looks good but leaks when you actually use to shake it stuff.

I spent my hard earned on thin air. This bottle is worthless! Leaks and drips like crazy. Your shake runs all down your arm when drinking, and drips all over your chest. It's garbage, totally useless.

Good quality but come on, it's leaking !!!!

I got this as a free gift. It did shake up my protein well, but it does slightly leak from the hole that you drink from. yes, I made use the cap was on completely. but it still leaked a little.. Other than that, bottle feels solid, won't break if tossed around.

I have ordered many things from over the past year, and received a lot of their shaker cups. This cup is BY FAR the most useless. What makes it such, is the hinge on the cap. If you can not seal the cap, it's useless because it leaks. Instead of the cap being hinged properly, like the past models, they went super cheap on this one. It just two small can-shaped bumps that fit into two round holes. The bumps are less then 1/8", and the holes are less then that, deep. When you open the spout to drink, the groove the hinge slides in is not deep enough, so it pops right out of the two holes and falls on the floor.... or it shifts out of place enough that you can not get the spout closed again. This useless at the gym.

This is the BEST shaker cup ever!! No wire ball to get nasty and worry about. The removable screen in the top of the cup is a far better mixer too!! The price is easy on the wallet as well. I've had my cups and used them daily for a year, no leaks or breaks yet, and I'm hard on them. Need a great shaker cup? This is it!!

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This shaker bottle is one of my favorites. Great large size to accommodate all my pre workout and post workout mixes. Never any clumps,always mixes smooth drinks and shakes every time. Even great for throwing some fruit into with my water to get the flavor mix better than any infusion bottle I own. Love it!

An excellent shaker. A simple good quality shaker that does the job. I've been using this for a couple years now and I have no regrets.

Have had no trouble in regards to leakage. Served its purpose well!

Lid leaks, seals poorly and gets worse the more you tighten it. Mixes shakes well enough. Works for immediate consumption over a sink. Not good for transportation.

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