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I've had this since April 2016, so over a year. Very sturdy. I love it.

A really great water gallon. Took this to School as well to make sure i was getting my water intake for the creatine.

I love the bottle it really helps me drink much more water. Only down side would be if you pick it up by the cap strap it can pop off, I just gorilla glued it and I haven't had an issue since.

I absolutely love this bottle. It's an extremely convenient way to get a good amount of water at the office and it's good to carry around the gym too.

I got it free gift , it's help full keep water with you all the time's

После месяца эксплуатации стал течь по шву.

Got as a free gift and was happy with it. Works great, holds enough water for a good long workout and the quality is pretty **** good also. I recommend this water bottle

Very Good Quality , Love it

I really want to like this water bottle, but the cap for me just doesn't ***** on securely! Maybe I got a defective one or maybe that's just how the bottle is designed. Whether it's screwed on and sealed or not, you can't tell the difference until you spill.

I really like this product for its design, size, and practicality. It's easy to carry around. The only reason why I don't give it a hire rating is because it will break easily if your not careful with it. Not cool to be in the middle of you workout and having it break; spilling the contents on the gym floor.

Had this for 2 weeks and its awesome! It makes drinking water so much easier. With the wide mouth, it forces you to drink more and since you notice the big bottle next to you, it also forces you that way to drink it throughout the day. With all the BCAA's I drink, I probably need to wash it more, but after 2 weeks, around the cap you can smell it. Will try to wash it tonight per instructions.

Recommend this water bottle to take to all exercise classes. Light weight, easy to carry. Water tastes great...doesn't retain any plastic taste.

I ordered this a couple days ago, Im pretty impressed by the bottles it self seems pretty heavy duty plastic. I had read the previous comments about leaky tops but i don't haves this problem yet. I noticed it is quite easy to mistakenly cross thread the top and which would most likely cause leaks, the the leash for the top is kind of annoying when screwing back on but overall pretty solid purchase for price and if got it for free, even better.

wow nice water bottle. nice product i love it. <3

It's a nice bottle, just annoying to unscrew, a different lid would be AWESOME! I still use this BPA free bottle, though! :)

I've had 3 of these. I go to the gym about 5X a week. UPDATED REVIEW OF NEW DESIGN: JAN 25 2017 I am updating my review because they seemed to update the design. The top ***** cap now has a plastic lining which doesn't seem to eat the plastic thread of the bottle away. This one retains the seal. It doesn't leak in your car when it falls on it's side as long as you screwed it on tight enough. I can also now see a little rubber ring underneath the cap. The bottle no longer leaks. A+++ Improvement!!! I have yet to leave it in the car during 100 degree summer weather. The past bottles seemed warp very easily so just be aware.

This bottle is amazing I bought it hoping it would do me for my whole workout and I don't have to fill it up more than once it's a sturdy well reliable bottle

This is a great bottle that I use about 6 times per week at the gym. It carries enough water to get me through my workout. This includes making my amino, and protein shake. Only reason I have had to buy replacements is because I dropped it, hit it accidentally against something too hard, or accidentally left it in the freezer too long and each time the bottle cracked. This is a BPA free bottle which makes it less flexible like other plastic bottles. Never had any leakage issues like others have mentioned. I love the strap thats connected to the cap, because it keeps the cap from touching the dirty gym floor when making my drinks, and provides a second way to carry the bottle around the gym.

It is a very good bottle. I was very skeptical at first because of the reviews, mostly because people were saying that the bottle leaks. Well it does not. There is a plastic ring inside the cap and it needs to stay there! The quality of the bottle itself is good and I read a review and apparently someone's bottle shattered in pieces. Well I'm sorry if it did shatter it might be because you threw your bottle. I don't think it will break if you drop it from less than a feet during your workout. The only flaw I have with this bottle is that it has a minor logo misprint but that's all. Buy it, don't throw away/lose the plastic ring in the cap and don't the bottle when working out. Definitely has a good price tag too! It holds 2.2liters so I can track more easily my water intake. Gotta drink at least 2 fill ups at day. High recommend.

1-20 of 174 Reviews