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Perfect For Mixing Smooth, Lump-Free Drinks At Home, At The Office, Or On The Go!

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The lid does not stop the liquid from leaking. even when the bottle is less than 8 oz full.

  • Saqkib
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The lid closes well and doesn't leak when shaken. The top blue lid is loose and have to place finger firmly on it to shake. Rest is good, looks good ... i hope the logo stays..

Great Shaker. It was a little smaller than expected. But overall good quality.

Awesome shaker shakes well easy to wash and good price 💪👍

Great shaker! one of my favourites from the pile. Sturdy flip cap, and the wire whisk mixes well as always. Great product.

This bottle is terrible and a waste of money. The cap is something else, why even bother having a cap to it, if it doesn't even function correctly? It blends ****ght but having to constantly keep a firm grasp on the cap that doesn't fully close is ridiculous. If you put this in a lunch box or a carry bag it will leak everywhere. If you put the bottle in a diaper you should be safe on the leaking.

Great Bottle, does leak a little bit not gonna lie but really ive never had a bottle that doesnt

Great bottle , easy to carry around and the blender ball catches all the clumps pretty good, so i do recommend this if needed for protein shakes and so on powder drinks

great product! doesn't leak and looks great!

It dose what need to, the ball inside works great to break up the clumps.

Best "looking" shaker bottle in the market. LOL. NO leaks nor spills

I just love the black blender bottle. It's a different color then everyone else's blender bottle and just looks better. Works as well as any other blender bottle.

I chose this as my "free gift with purchase" because let's be honest - you can never have enough Blender Bottles! I'm a loyal Blender Bottle fan so I knew the quality would be superb. Plus, I love the color combo of the new bottles (black/light blue).

Looks great, gets the job done..

This bottle is just about as cheep as your going to get anywhere and it does exactly what it is suppose to. It snaps tight, doesn't leak at all, and is aesthetically pleasing in the gray and blue theme. I have blender ball shakers and this appears to be identical to those in every way except it comes in approximately $3.00 cheaper than even Walmart has them.

Excellent product at a competitive price. I use it every day!

Great Blender Bottle!!!! This product contains my pre workout and my protein very well, also; it shakes up the powders very well.

good quality and fast delivery. can't wait to use it.

Great product. I have three and never had a problem with any of them. Mixes well and has never had a problem in the dishwasher.

1-20 of 47 Reviews